bestiality and health

  1. Hassathra

    What vaccinations should you get to protect yourself when having sex with animals?

    What vaccinations should you get or give your pet to avoid the risk of contracting any diseases? And also, what can be done to get rid of or at least minimize the risk of catching worms? (When it comes to sex!)
  2. Evie

    Waiting to knot, have questions

    I'm a woman who has had a sexual attraction to male dogs for a long time, but am only now starting to let myself look at taking real action. While I don't have a boy I can bond with -Living with family- I am interested if there's any advice other woman can give in regards to expectations you...
  3. S

    zoo and health

    any of users have any information about some std's that are possible to transsmit? is it safe to have play with dog? how does it looks from an eye of experienced users?