1. D

    Introducing myself - 27m Australia

    Hey everyone! I'm new here, hoping to chat (once I get permissions) & get to know like minded people. I've been curious about beast since a teen, though struggled for a long time with understanding & coming to terms with it. Having gone back & forth for so long without really reaching out to...
  2. I

    Is beastiality popular in Australia?

    I’m in Australia and feel like I’m the only one on here prove me wrong please
  3. Mytherian

    Hey Everyone !

    25 M From Australia !!! Somewhat inexperienced zoo looking to meet new people. Little bit about me: Hobbies include Binging anime, playing video games, building gundams and travelling. I may be shy at first but give me time!!! Once I open up I pretty much have no filter and and get more...
  4. pervertedperth

    Perverted Perth

    Evening all, I’m a male from Perth Western Australia. I’m a professional type in my field in my 30s. So discretion and privacy assured. Perverted and very open minded. I’m excited to join this page after a recommendation. I’m a pretty chilled out person and loves to explore new things. I’ve...
  5. aussie jacko

    New member, 👋 australia nsw

    Hi all, im 27 male from NSW australia. Have 2 dogs and Would love to chat to like minded people
  6. Madman21

    New dog suggestions

    Hey everyone, I’m gonna be getting a new dog and want to know everyone’s suggestions on a new dog, haven’t decided on male or female yet but if you could add both pluses and negatives it would be appreciate greatly. Bi male here, preferably a medium sized dog breed with a good temper and can...
  7. rossmore69

    Hello friends 😊

    Hi everyone, I have recently been shown this by a friend and I am loving this from the start! I am from Australia and hoping to find like minded friends nearby. I have been open to and experienced zoo from early teens.
  8. M


    #sydney guy here Looking for some like minded men
  9. Tyler2303

    30M in Australia

    Hi, i'm a 30 yrs old Sydney based straight male interested into having a 1rst experience taking a male horse but also interested in dogs. I've been switched on when i was a teenager while working at my uncle's farm for holidays, the second i've seen a horse dick just made me click. After that...
  10. B