1. Anus Addict

    Which dog breeds have the most appealing and puffy anuses?

    Surely everyone has their favorite, in my opinion pitbulls and cane corsos 😛😍
  2. J

    Do dogs know the differende between a vagina and an anus?

    Hi i have allway wondered, do dogs know the difference between a vagina and an anus? I know that dogs recognize our gender, so they know whether we are male or female. Dogs can apparently both smell and visually detect this. So dogs already know whether they are mounting a man or a woman. But...
  3. S

    Anal fissure?

    So last night I (M24) had sex with my dog. He fucked my ass and put the knot inside. It felt amazing, but after a few minutes, he started turning around and pulling the knot. I tried to stop him, but I couldn't. He pulled out and it did hurt at that moment. I went to the toilet to asses the...
  4. Z