1. C

    Emilys Diary (cartoon movie)

    So far there are 9 episodes. Which one is your favorite episode? I like the episode where her friend comes over.
  2. Z

    Otakon Washington DC 2023

    Hi all, just getting back from Otakon in Washington DC this weekend. Did anyone have the pleasure of attending\participating in the event this weekend? Disclaimer: I do not work for them, I'm just starting a thread for us to share our experiences for those who attended. :-)
  3. illinoiscityboy

    Any women here into anime and bestiality?

    Would you wanna combine those two?
  4. Mytherian

    Hey Everyone !

    25 M From Australia !!! Somewhat inexperienced zoo looking to meet new people. Little bit about me: Hobbies include Binging anime, playing video games, building gundams and travelling. I may be shy at first but give me time!!! Once I open up I pretty much have no filter and and get more...
  5. rainfallheavens

    27,182 pictures and 34.80 GBs later

    hello and welcome, allow me... austin is my name, california is my home and 23 years old is my age, i have attached some pictures to my post, what you see is my picture gallery on my phone, part of my brain digitally if you will, now my story begins with once upon a time.. when i was just only...