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    Tolerance by general people

    Do you guys think women are more accepted than men when it comes to our sexual preference? 🐾🐶 I recently saw a woman making videos and showing her face without fear of social pressure, she have a twitter (x) account promoting her content and website too with lots of likes and followers. On...
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    Part of the Journey

    I had no idea this went on in the world. But I became part of it. And this is my view. Loving is beautiful no matter how it happens as long done in a good way. They enjoy it as much as you do. If you know your pet, you will see this. And they will ask you for more in their own way. I will share...
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    Hello! New here and so thankful <3

    Wanted to post and share my thoughts and say thank you so much :) Years ago when i first stumbled upon some zoo videos, never would have expected my admiration and attraction to grow more over time. i realized that there were people who shared a special bond with animals in a way that just...
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    Self-Respect and Self-Acceptance: These are for real stories. To only help each other.

    Was about 5-6 years go. All started when I got his brother, Titus. Titus was about 7 weeks old when we brought him home ❤ A few weeks later, his previous owner, told us of a bro named K.O. from the same litter, that went to an owner who leaves him outside, caged, with dirt and mud at his feet...