1. S

    Hello! New here and so thankful <3

    Wanted to post and share my thoughts and say thank you so much :) Years ago when i first stumbled upon some zoo videos, never would have expected my admiration and attraction to grow more over time. i realized that there were people who shared a special bond with animals in a way that just...
  2. shitoast

    Success in zoophile partners

    I am curious to see if anyone has ever had any success in finding a zoophile partner in real life. I myself have a girlfriend to who I jokingly brought up zoophilia to and to my surprise she joked back saying it was hot which led to me finding out she was into the same stuff. I'm curious if...
  3. B

    Self-Respect and Self-Acceptance: These are for real stories. To only help each other.

    Was about 5-6 years go. All started when I got his brother, Titus. Titus was about 7 weeks old when we brought him home ❤ A few weeks later, his previous owner, told us of a bro named K.O. from the same litter, that went to an owner who leaves him outside, caged, with dirt and mud at his feet...
  4. O

    Yiffy Hour 2020!

    Yiffy Hour is a holi-hour (similar to a holiday) to celebrate yiffy people! It is one hour of celebration that happens 13 times each year. FYI, yiffy people are those of us who are attracted to, or identify as, non-humans. This can be anything from zoos, to murrsuiters, to fursuiters who don't...