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Zaruxin - Clean Anal Play

Which method do you use?

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I searched around on here trying to find a thread talking about how to prep for clean anal play, didn't find anything on topic so here I am.

During the years I've tried several different methods for having clean anal sex & I've found the one I like the best.

0 - Ass is
If you don't mind messy anal sex at all (because I know there's going to be people who don't) good for you, keep going, because I have no advice for you.

1 - Condom
First opinion for cleaner anal sex is simply to use a condom, it's quick & simple. Doesn't require any prep time & everybody knows about it. But it only keeps on side of the two clean, if your using a sex toy for example it's easier to clean it up afterwards, though you shouldn't expect the condom to be clean afterwards.

2 - Wet Enema
Second option is also quite well known, I'm talking about wet enemas. It's simple you'll just have to get eiter a refillable enema bottle & fill it with water or get the shower enema attachment. I've never tried an enema bottle myself but I guess it can't be especially difficult, though you do have to refill it a few times if your not especially clean or you could get a shower enema attachment. I do own one of those & used it a few times it's simple because you don't have to refill, just flush yourself a few times & you should be good. Wet enemas does do the trick quite well but there may be water left inside wich may or may not come out when you don't expect it to. So it's not completely problem free.

3 - Dry Enema
Third option is also a type of enema but it doesn't use water, it uses lube instead. It's called dry enemas & I don't expect lots of people to know about it, took quite a while for me to discover the method atleast. You can read all about it here - Dry Enema
It's its my preferred method of enemas since you don't have to worry about any stray water, but it's not guarantee that you will be clean but if there are any leftovers the chance of them sticking to anything is smaller so that's that.

4 - Naturally Clean
Finally my most loved method found by accident is somewhat interesting to me every time. This method is a bit more random & goes by trial & error. I've found that eating certain foods for a longer period results in a naturally clean anal, rectum & sigmoid colon (as far as I'm aware)

This will sound really dirty to those who've never heard or tried this method but I've warned you. If you're eating the right type of food, like pasta with a bit of oil for one or two days (I'm still not sure what works best) eventually your poop will be so lubricated by itself that it's a bit firm & doesn't stick to anything, nor smell much at all. You'll actually have to hold some of your own poop in your hand to assess if the food your eating is working the way you expect. I tried eating rice (not only but focused on around rice) for a week & the results are very similar.

Once you know what works you'll be surprised once you stick a finger up you ass & find nothing. It's just empty no matter how deep you go, no smells & if you taste your finger after poking around a bit you won't taste anything expect clean skinn. This is the cleanest method I've found & doesn't require any further preparation. Lots of prep time before you get here but it's really worth it & I love this method, especially since there's no poop, no smells at all & no taste

If poop is found or on it's way out it won't leave any traces behind wich means you can just continue after a quick trip to the toilet. You'll know what I mean once you take a huge dump, wipe yourself once & the toilet paper looks unused & as clean as before you used it.


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I no longer do anal stuff, but during my years of anal toys I used wet enema, then the actual anal masturbation happened in the shower so everything was very clean.


I do use both wet enema and the natural system, I eat quite healthy for most of the time so pretty much know from my last visit to the loo and yes i do the cheeky finger trick just to be sure, lol.


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Wet pipes seem to work well for me. Couple that with one meal a day at night works quite well