Would you like to consummate and reproduce with your animal mates?

Would you consummate with your animal partners and willingly reproduce and bear their offspring

  • Nope, I would rather stick to human interaction

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Assuming we live in an alternate universe where anyone can get pregnant by any creatures. Because of this, zoo marriages and reproduction are the normal thing everywhere you go.

There will be no altar "you may kiss the bride" scenario if you choose to have an animal mate. It is the stick the dick to the pussy and call it a life long bond. You just have sex and reproduce like any other creatures just like our ancient ancestors would do.
Oh you need more choices on your poll - the way it reads is yes to breeding and being impregnated by an animal or no just want humans.

How about all the other choices of your question.
While the fantasy of getting pregnant with puppies is appealing (at least to me), the reality would be very different. At least as things are today. I doubt that many people in society would take an approving attitude to a human woman having K9 offspring. Probably even fewer would be accepting of a man breeding a bitch. And how would people view the offspring? I love the fantasy, but just can't go with what I see as the reality
To me and i mean it, it would be kinda hot i dont know why but it would be kinda sexy, hot and really get me some boner if a real Woman-dog pregnancy looks like pictures


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I had a real-life situation when I lost my virginity to my girl. She got pregnant and two months later had a 7 puppy litter. I had a heart attack (not literally) and extreme terror from that situation. I kept saying to myself “It’s impossible, we’re different species”. I finally calmed down when I saw that she gave birth to puppies and found out by the color of the fur of the puppies who was the real father. I never saw her get mounted by another dog
I mean I am a transgirl with hella womb envy. I'd love to be filled with babies but its not possible for many reasons. Human or animal.