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What's the dirtiest thing you've ever done?


When I was 17, my GF at the time was hyper sexual and very open minded. We were kind of each other's slippery slope into the kink world. Anyways we had sex all over the place. Next to buildings, in tents on family camping trips, blowjobs in my bedroom without a door, even a playground once. She loved the whole cross dressing thing and being dominant often. We went to different schools and for her Sr. Prom she bought a red lacy thong and had me wear it under my tux. We went to parties all over the place that night and when we got back she wasn't the one that got fucked... I was. I know it may not be the dirtiest but it was pretty kinky for the time.


So far:
Had a couple of very heavy petting sessions with my drunk mother (she was 39, I was 18).
Fucked my girlfriend on a pool table in a pub on my 21st birthday (the table was upstairs, various friends and strangers caught us, some stayed and watched).
Crossdressed in my mothers lingerie with the same girlfriend, she was in full lingerie too, a mutual male friend then fucked her and made me suck his cock and clean up her pussy.
K9 fun was on and off for years, oral only.
Later in life my ex wife and I got into the cuckold swinging lifestyle for a few years.
When we divorced I started meeting local guys for oral and watersports, crossdresser's, doms, married men, cottaging etc.
Now at 51 I have no sex life due to this damned lockdown!

The mother stuff sounds... interesting


I've been in a scat scene. A top did me anally without letting me clean out, and the shit ended up everywhere. He then had me lick his dick clean. It was a scene that I wouldn't want to repeat... except that being in a sex scene where I hated every minute of it was a thrilling turn-on in its own way. So yes, I would do it again, hate it again, and have great memories once everything is cleaned up.


Sat back in a bathtub wearing a really dirty/stinky jockstrap, pissed on myself and rubbed it into my armpits and body, then fingered my ass and licked them up. Kept at it a while and enjoyed being a musky pup. Eventually I came all over my own belly, scooped it up and lapped it up off my fingers. It was a great piggy self-love moment. 🥵💨
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To be honest i dont have any good zoo stories to share, but more than once have i dove into a grossdom based sexual encounter on my first meeting with someone. The dirties was peobably the time a woman made me drink her fresh piss in the lobby of a starbucks amd im pretty sure at least one of the employees noticed her taking my cup into the bathroom with her. Or there was the time i met up with someone specifically to worship several days unwashed ass and pussy; i wish she had been more mean and forcful about it but hit damn was that a yummy afternoon.


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Fucked a girl while I forced her to watch porn.
Lots of golden showers.
Fucked a pregnant girl... wasn't my baby.


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My mom was a nurse who worked 3-11. I used to love to watch her in that starched white uniform. When my dad worked nights, I would open their bedroom curtains slightly. Then, I would wait outside their bedroom window, which faced the back yard, and watch her change for bed. It was really hot seeing her bare breasts and little cotton panties.
My bedroom was a converted laundry “porch” that had 2 doors going into it (one from the kitchen and one from the master berm) had been enclosed and turned into a bedroom. The door to the master was still there but the window in the door had been painted over. I scratched paint off a tiny part in the lower corner of the window and would watch my mother when she changed for bed or would come out of the bathroom after a shower. Lots of times she would stand at the mirror and look at her breasts, which were a nice size, and a few times she’d drop her towel on the floor in front of the mirror after a shower. For a 13 YO boy, that was awesome!

I loves mares

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Nothing like tongue punching the ol fart box. IV only done this once and with a woman she thought it would be funny to fart to and it made me loose interest.
Her ass tasted earthy. It was a very pleasant smell, and erotic beyond words. I can't really describe it that well. She farted a little bit while I was licking her, but that is to be expected. Of course, this was years ago, so my memory is hazy.