What's stopping you?

What's the obstacle to you pursuing your sexuality and living your best life?

  • Internal struggle/Denial

    Votes: 42 16.9%
  • Living arrangements (family, roommates, etc.)

    Votes: 130 52.2%
  • Unavailability of partners

    Votes: 144 57.8%
  • Significant other

    Votes: 45 18.1%
  • Other (feel free to elaborate below)

    Votes: 35 14.1%

  • Total voters


There are a lot of reasons for not being able to pursue your sexuality (I should know, I've been victim to most of them) and I'm curious. For those zoos who aren't active, what's stopping you?
$ and the law (I'm into crocs). I need to move out. Which is also being obstructed. I'll get there one day.
Money...travel...license...lack of nearby people to communicate with... But hey at least i experienced my past female partner
Not only do I live currently with folks that loathe it, but I have presented myself to my family dog. I stripped, got down on all fours, and presented myself to him. No matter how much I tried to invite him to go at it, he was not interested whatsoever. I don't believe in training them, so that was that.
it mostly is just living arrangements with a bit of fear mixed in a suppose. lack of motivation could be it too, like i don't NEED a partner atm and all
Here I put "significant other". The reason I did this was not because I have a significant other and that's the reason, but because I don't have a significant other to enjoy this with, and that reduces my aging libido and pressures my emotional values and keeps me from being happy.
I live in a cubicle apartment and my family is always home. Oh to be alone the entire day with my babe
I want to loose it to a partner that's into it in a threesome or I'm having a hard time thinking if I would enjoy it or regret it
Currently living with parents till I get my education finished.

You bet as soon as i'm moving out and have a steady job, I'll snag myself a doggo, and maybe a little bit of land for my preferred breed.
I chose "other"

I didn't choose my pups, they chose me. I ended up with 3 females and I personally I'm not sexually turned on at all by them. I also have never had a female dog really come onto me in a way that felt 'consensual' and thus I just personally can't do it.

Now males on the other hand I love got two little guys, one is a chihuahua rat-terrier mix who is the father of... a pit bull chihuahua mix. The old chihuahua sort of hates me cus he's my wife's dog since before we were married (he loved me til I stole his mama) not to mention he's a chihuahua (double the size of a normal chi cus of the terrier). Now my pitbull-chi is my baaby. I did try to tease him and get him interested in me but he didn't take so I wouldn't push or try to 'train' him. My first experience all I had to do was spread my cheeks and he was in. So in all honesty if a male isn't taking the initiative then I'm sol.

ALSO: wifey doesn't know the extent of my zoo fantasies, she just thinks I'm a furry. Somehow I can't bring myself to risk rejection by bringing it up to her. Since we have an open marriage I'd rather try to find that perfect addition and keep the worst of my predilections between another who shares it.
Like Bloodwolf above, just time. It used to be family; but eventually I got a dog. Now I'm looking for a 2nd dog. Just saving up some money and waiting on the right moment.
I have a horse and a dog, which I care more of a priority than being sexually active to them, but there no shame having animals as top priority and not once in a while sexually interact with them
I share the land with other people, and the land is not very big to say. So I have two problems: the lack of privacy and the lack of space.

Someday I'm going to have my own place with enough space and privacy.
honestly... i dont have much interest in pursuing any of my sexual fantasies, including zoo ones. ive always been satisfied and much more comfortable indulging in fiction and watching from afar than trying to be part of the action, yknow? maybe its because most have always been out of my reach for one reason or another, but ive gotten so used to just sticking to fantasies that the idea of actually doing any of them in real life is unthinkable. i genuinely cant imagine myself in any sort of real sexual scenario. but its good to keep standards low so youre never disappointed, at least thats always been my thought process.