What animal was your first?


I remember being curious and touching the family dogs but after I discovered horses I was not interested in dogs anymore. I lost my virginity to my first horse. I took hers too.


I was around 15, discovered the zoo side of the internet. My Pit girl happen to be in heat, I became curious, and started with a finger. She raised her cookie, and my curiosity continued. I discovered the zoo internet again, gained the courage, and later that night she raised her cookie for me again. I couldn’t get it in, and discovered the zoo forums for directions. She raised her cookie for me once again. Viola, I didn’t last a minute, and I was hooked. I’ve never seen her run around so quickly. It was amazing.
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When I was in my early 20's I boarded with a lady that had a male German Shepherd. Not sure how it started but when she used to go to work I would let him lick me. Put jam on my arse and let him lick me then let him lick my cock. Never touched him just let him lick me. Such a turn on. Nearly got sprung a couple of times but it was so exciting.
I'm weird in the fact that I only like fucking women....but I will let anything with a cock fuck me. Only had men and dogs...so far!!


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I could barely call it sexual, but I had a female dog who we had to put down around 11 or so years ago. This was before I fully wanted to embrace this lifestyle and the passions that (should) go with it and before I even knew all there was to know about it. She was spayed so I couldn't even do anything if I wanted to, but I would make out with her all the time and eventually started to lick her vulva. She was totally into rimming me, but would only lick my cock if I used PB on it. Still, I fantasize what could have been. Nowadays, my gf has multiple dogs (all spayed) but we make out in the other room when nobody's around and they are the exact opposite...they'll lick the front of me but are not into rimming. They sometimes let the neighbor's dogs out to play, so I have asked if I could help with that as well. The neighbor has two dogs, a brother and sister...I have seen that the male is not fixed, which is the first time I ever got within touching distance of canine testes. So I am hoping the female is not spayed...I'd probably assume she is, but then, do dogs from the same litter generally not have sex with each other? Either way, I am hoping for something more to develop. I am not gay, but I'd experiment one time since it could be my only time.
1st: Jerked off watching a German Shepherd getting and doing the job on some girl on a bed.
2nd: Had a rabbit, that always wanted her to be delicately touched between her muzzle and forehead.


First was the family golden lab, I was going through puberty and he had sexually matured. A friend would let him dry-hump him on all fours with his clothes on, got curious and tried myself when I had some alone time with him. Ended up receiving him anally a fair few times over a few years, though unfortunately never let him knot me.


Shepard mix. Got curious and feeley about his nether bits. Next thing you know, he's inflating, and I'm mesmized at this completely oddball, new, and arousing experience.

It wasn't long before I started exploring his sheath, and it was such a foreign, wild kind of excitement. Despite the fact that he was neutered (he didn't hump much and didn't ejaculate), he was one of the sweetest dogs I ever met. That really added to it, I think. How fond I was of him, and how gentle of a dog he was. Eventhough I felt like he was just patiently tolerating, with kindness, my exploring him.

I really liked that dog, and I really appreciated him patiently indulging my feitsh.
A black Labrador called Ralf or Ralph. and it was on middle street in a very cold day and I have 10 yo.
his knot was bigger than my hands an when I feel that I gets reallly excited.
and after we play , him become more friendly to me for no reason.
I miss him so much because I wish him was my first boyfriend. Him was very sexy and very tough too.
buy my first own dog (also my fursona) brings many good times too even his parents hehe. but Ralf/Ralph I really miss him