Vegetarian turkey recommendations?


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This will be my first thanksgiving as a vegetarian and it didn't occur to me till last night that turkeys are made of turkeys. Anyone have recommendations for good alternatives? (I'd like it to look like a whole turkey if possible, and at least come with gravy).
I’ve been really digging impossible meat but I don’t know how you’d make a turkey shape outta that? There’s a to-furkey but let’s be real nobody really likes tofu. I think you should quit quitting for a day and enjoy all things delicious.
I’m just kidding…. But not


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A big vegetable and fruit pan with rice. It can be just as tasty and rich in flavors as any meat. But is no meat, neither tastes like meat.

Why substitute meat by faking it? Use the unique properties of plants and generate something tasty out of it. 🤷‍♂️

There's no way to make a whole turkey alternative which tastes like turkey but consists of no meat. Even if you take 1001 chemicals, a whole load of soy (which is highly unhealthy if not naturally fermented like Japanese do it since thousands of years for soy sauce) and generate something which might leave the aftertaste of a badly stewed meat, but how would that be enjoyable? Not to talk about unhealthy, abhorrent pricey and fake?

Just skip the turkey. Build a nice dessert plate with an alive-turkey resembling statue made from fruit slices. That's a good turkey which is also tasty.

Or.. take a real turkey, then you've got meat which tastes like meat.. but no option for vegetarians / vegans.


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What the fuck do you need to be PMed to discuss fake food for?
Probably wants to talk about fake- or real turkey stuffing with unique stuffing capacities, like many of the lurkers into PMs. 🤷‍♂️

They're all master chefs it seems.


Aside from the fact you're a lurker who CAN'T... be PMed

Did not know that a noob could not be PMed by an established member. Noted.

Not interested in talking to you about why, as evidenced by your tone. I won't be posting again here.


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Don't take everything with a cup of salt instead of a grain.. 🤷‍♂️
It's not a meet & fuck concept, but a question regarding fake turkey possibilities. Too much salt ruins that food.


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turkey is only tradition thanks to commercial food industry
nothing wrong with having all the other vegetables just don't use the fake turkey gravy it does have flavors supposedly made from meat
and no butter either that is animal product, you have to use the butter flavored shortening called margarine .... whats the difference between shortening and margarine? Flavors
Yup .. thats much better for you then an occasional bit of natural butter