Un grupo Telegram para tod@s.❤️


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Ni si quiera le manden mensaje privado a este señor. Es hombre haciendose pasar por mujer


Si desean estar en el grupo de Telegram escríbanme en PRIVADO sus nombres de usuario para agregarles, no posteen ningún nombre de usuario ni link en esta publicación, gracias.

Respetemos las reglas de esta comunidad. ?????
Mi usuario es DELETED Gracias

SERIOUSLY?! It says do NOT post it in the exact post you quoted!

9. Do not include phone numbers / emails / KiK / any other IM names, links or chat invites in any section of the main site, including the personals section. Have members contact you through PM on the site instead. You then can decide to share them those details. (Posting on their profile does not count as a private message.) Encoding your phone number in the form of alphabet is also not allowed. Don't try to fool us by changing the way you enter your email in a post. We'll find it eventually. We don't have bots that check for posts.
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