top 5 dogs you would have sex with

Revisiting this.

1. a big, boy dog
2. a boy, dog that was big
3. a big dog that was a boy
4. a big, boy dog AND another person.
5. a big, boy dog AND another person, AND a sandwich. But not a sandwich to eat.
I would love to share pleasurs with some female dog. Like

1. Great dane
2. Dogue argentin
3. Doberman
4. Cane Corso
5. Massif
As you know I'm a donkey lover but I love dogs I find certain breeds sexier than others to me Dobermans and Danes are the sexiest dogs I like, if you had 5 dogs you would fuck what breeds would they be?? mine would be 1, Great Dane 2, Doberman 3, Mastiff 4, Rottie and 5 a German shepherd, would love to try dog pussy, but these breeds would be amazing to fuck
I think I concur with your selection... 😈
1. Great Dane
2. Newfoundland
3. St Bernard
4. Kuvaz
5. Tibetten mastiff

English mastiff, kangal, great Pyrenees would be on this list if I haven't already has the experience the block headed drooly pups.
1. Tamaskan
2. Bernese Mountain Dog
3. Great Pyrenees
4. Beauceron
5. Rhodesian Ridgeback
Wow I see a lot of mastiff and rottweiler and lab. I guess I'm lucky I currently have a mastiff and rottweiler and my previous dog was a lab. But my list would be

1. Of course my mastiff, cane corso
2. Rottweiler
3. Lab
4. Husky
5. Pit bull
My Neighbors Dog if I could.
THat Dam Dog is part Newfoundland and some other mix.
Has a dark Brown Coat and he's HUGE!
Seen the neighbor walking him and it looked like a BEAR, Even walked very Bear like and slow.
I think my eye's popped out of my head like they do in cartoons, DAM Dog was just SEXY as all Hell.
if I ever get a Dog, I want one like that.
It's really hard to pick just five, but if I had to - it would be something like this:

Dobermann (always)
Czechoslovakian Wolfdog/Husky
Great Dane (Harlequin)
Armenian Gampr
Cane Corso
My golden retriever girl that backs into me🤤
my childhood Doberman she was so strong and got me through puberty lol
Saint Bernard for how big soft and warm she would be
husky cause there so sexy
and a Dalmatian because I love there size and there energy