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Welcome to Zooville!
Please note that the introductions thread is basically to introduce yourself to the site. Do not use the introductions section for your personals. That means looking for hook ups should be in the personals section.

Zooville is has been one of the fastest growing sites for zoophiles like you who are either already a zoophile, curious in the lifestyle, or just beginning to find out about themselves. All of our members and staff welcome you to Zooville!

Please take note of some of the areas to help you a little more on the site on where to get started.

To make a personals thread, click here. You can then click on the area you're looking to post for your personals. If you're not sure how to start out in this area. Take a look at some of the posts to get a little bit of an idea. Many start out with what they're looking for, what they have, or how to contact. (Mainly via PM) Be sure there is no solicitation regarding exchanging money for sex.
Please remember, no IM/email/phone numbers posted on the site (This includes profile posts.) PM members for that information.
Ensure you have read the rules as well

If you want to post media, please use the media section of the site. Also please include screenshots and include tags to your posts.
There is a thread that is stuck to the top detailing how to do this. To go there now, click here.

Users will have to make at 10 posts or more to be able to use the PM feature on the site. This is to lesson spam attacks.
Fun and Games categories, and profile posts DO NOT COUNT as posts.
View the How-To section how to find information on doing more with your lover.

  1. How To's and Educational
Threads dedicated to Zoophilia are located here.

Articles and Blogs:
This section is for posting and reading up on many articles or blogs that are posted relating to Zoophilia.
Members are welcome to post something that may be of interest for others. Due be sure that this is not the area for personals or porn.

Resources and health info for your furry companions.

Our Animal Companions
  1. Animal Health and Wellbeing
Check out our Wiki!
Full of helpful guides, even history of Zoophilia.

Private Messaging:
If you're new, and you notice you're unable to do certain things through private message. Please read the following from the admin ZTHorse.
For the security of ZV, we've restricted the attachment privilege in private messages to ZooVille Settlers (150 posts or more) and higher tiers. This is due to abusive content being spread by users who are only here to file share. Effective 2-23-2020
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