The Console Question

What is your prefered Console

  • XBox

    Votes: 20 22.7%
  • Playstation

    Votes: 16 18.2%
  • Handheld (Switch, Gameboy, etc.)

    Votes: 2 2.3%
  • Computer

    Votes: 50 56.8%

  • Total voters


Staff member
I voted computer. Spent too much money time and effort to get the perfect gaming pc. Soooooooo much better than any console (for a while at least, lol!) Ease of use goes to consoles though, hand down.


The Floofy Moderator
Staff member
Voted for PC. Grew up with playstation, eventually switched over to X-Box because it was cheaper. Eventually moved onto PC, and and I haven't looked back since.


Esteemed Citizen of ZV
Consoles are for chumps. My PC is over 10 years old at this point but it can still play most new games. The most graphically intense don't make it happy and can't run at max graphic settings, but who cares. I do really need to build a new one though, its 8gigs of RAM just doesn't cut it anymore. Console players have been forced through 3 generations of hardware upgrades while I've carried on with the same PC with only a video card upgrade a couple years back.


I have to say PC as most of the games I like are pc only, but I have almost every console since the Super Nintendo days ?.


Citizen of Zooville
Pc gaming, 100%. Better frames, graphics, field of view, list goes on. Most of the time you get better deals on games as well so the investment is worth it.


I'm a Nintendo fangirl at heart so I gave it to the handhelds. But I spend most of my gaming time on my PC (god bless mods).


Esteemed Citizen of ZV
My first console was a ps4, so that’s what I use. I’ve considered getting a PC, but I feel like it would take a long time to learn the controls.


Citizen of Zooville
Avid gamer. Love Xbox but not too picky. Can’t do keyboard PC, need a controller. Love handhelds as well. Have owned every type of console, currently only have Xbox, PC, handheld, and mobile.