Sucking k9 dick


i love sucking cock ,big small man beast !
funny, i had guys that say they want to and watch me suck him but when i offer it to them to taste they go , "no no no no thats ok, no " i dont get it


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You're interested in what you're interested in, and that's that really. Not much to understand. I see what you're saying, but, what I said is really what it boils down to.
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I wouldnt be able to resist sucking on a dogs dong if I was alone with one. Never have but want to so bad and the cravings are getting worse.


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I think it is the redness of it that makes me kind of shocked and attracted to it, almost like it is food. And then you can just suck it without much worry usually for a long time, especially if you like the taste. I often watch Netflix and suck it if I don't want to fuck.
Agree it does make it so attractive


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The audio seems to be totally mismatched. Does anyone have this video with original audio?
Not mismatched, but there’s a porno track running with the video. It would have been better to leave it alone so we could hear the natural sounds.


I really love sucking and I’m catching myself looking at doggy dicks.. Anyone else?
I’ve managed to suck three dogs so far. First time was my friends Lab. I was alone at his house one morning. His dog was in the bedroom. I closed the door and started stroking him. Once he got hard I just went for it. It was the first dick I had ever sucked other than my own (I got lucky in size). He came after about two minutes. I was hooked. Second one was the brother’s dog of the same friend. They were all downstairs. We were in the loft and he was just hanging a bit. I figured fuck it. I dropped down and went to town. Didn’t finish him but, still fun. Third was a neighbors dog. He followed me into the bathroom. Easy privacy. I thoroughly enjoyed that session for about ten minutes. It’s been years since I’ve had another chance with any dogs.

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Honestly I was a little hesitant to suck K9 cock. I thought it would taste nasty. We had already had sex a few times before I started sucking his dog cock. It was surprisingly not bad but it does have a acquired taste to it. I regularly suck my dog’s cock now.😋
I thought the same thing. The first time I took a dog in my mouth was shortly after I took my first knot, that didn’t go so well and he ripped my ass. I still wasn’t fully healed but I wanted him so badly I had him mount my face. I loved it.
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