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Did being a zoo help you become bi or pan

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Zooville Settler
Say you were straight or gay\lez & then you come across zoo. Did it change your sexuality to become bi or pan\omnisexual
I have always loved girls and ive always loved other species.
I dont believe in the term bi or gay ect. Its all just sexual behavior to me. Everyone has their own things they are into.
So why do we need to draw lines and segregate. Sexuality is so much more than "orientations". Im totally into males and female of other species, yet human males are totally yuck to me.

to me humans have just over complicated yet another simple and natural behavior.
Straight although I'm not shy about seeing a cock. And for mares straight and I think Mares is the only kind of Zoo I'm into.
Being hi helped me become zoo. Now I'm much more into zoo than hi. But, I won't pass up a chance to lick some good pussy if it comes my way. The only reason that I say I'm big is because I m married. But, I much prefer licking and sucking pussy to getting boned by my husband. And, prefer getting licked and fucked by a big dog (rotweiller or mastiff) to my husband or girlfriend.
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Watching zoo videos of women taking either a dog knot or a horse floppus deep inside their vaginas has only made me want to have sex with that same woman even more...especially after seeing them getting inseminated by the very same animal.

Watching zoo videos of men having sex with mares hasn't changed my opinion; I still have a desire to engage in sex with either a mare or a woman, especially if they've already been inseminated.

My deepest and unfulfilled desire is to have sex with either of them so soon after being inseminated; essentially sloppy seconds.
Well wouldn’t say that it helped me come bisexual I was already bisexual a few months before I discovered zoo gave me more of a push in the direction I wanted
If anything it helped shift more towards considering myself pansexual. I've already identified as bi for a long time.
Nope, still the same horny bisexual with both humans and animals. The only thing being zoo made me realize is that I’m the only person I know irl that finds dogs sexy.
No, I was always into male canines. Females are gorgeous too, but it just never worked for me from the sexual side
It's complicated. I'm still totally straight for humans but I'm bi for animals and furries.
Yes, honestly I thought I was 100% straight until I played Amorous (furry dating sim). After I finished the stories with the female characters I moved into the male characters because I wanted to see what all the game had to offer and, well, it had kind of an impact on me 😅. It took me a while to figure out what I was but its exactly what you said: 100% straight for humans, bi for animals and furries. I still prefer females in all situations but I would never turn down the chance to bottom as long as he has fur, two legs or four.