Private messages and why new members can't.

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Seeing as how people can't search, I'll sticky this in every single area of the forum.

Due to the amount of spam accounts, we have restricted the PM function again.

-New accounts will be REQUIRED to make at minimum 10 forum posts in relevant sections (not fun and games) to gain access to the PM function. This is due to ongoing spam and harassment of newly made user accounts. Lurker accounts will NOT be able to PM until they have recieved atleast 10 forum posts.

Edit: This only applies to accounts created after July 13th, 2021. All older accounts are grandfathered in the old ruleset, so report them and we will ban them slowly over time.

Edit 2: due to reaction spam, this feature is restricted for users with 10 posts or more.

Edit 3: I figured this would be obvious but since you can't send or receive private messages then you can't join groups, which require private messages in order to apply for membership.
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