Part of my soul


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I was born in Central Europe, ~35 years ago. I was a good kid and I am a good adult. I did not hurt anyone, I was not evil, I am kind.
I don't think like the average. I'm different. And I'm glad, happy I'm different.
I love dogs. Out of love. Even better. Friendship, companion, love, soul. And sex.
I’m not an evil person, I’m just in love with my dogs. Accept me, I'm this.

At the beginning of the year january, my herding dog, which I loved the best of all. She left me here.
I kept going to the vet with her, giving me everything that existed but couldn’t be saved.
She had cancer, overloaded her body. I tried to save it, but it couldn't.
I was buried her.

2 weeks later my another dog of mine left me here. It happened again, after such a short time.
I cared for her, I kept going to the vet with her, but couldn’t be saved.
She circulation deteriorated, got worse and worse and couldn't be saved...
I was buried her. Again.

I'm sorry, forgive me, but I couldn't save you. I can't fight death.
I cry and I will never forget you, I will love you both forever. My soul, my life.
I miss you very much.
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I understand how it is, because I suffer fom the same way.
but I just keep him my life life turning into my fursona (profile picture)
but don't worry my friend they will aways be with us even in the hardest moments. and just keep strong. because miss our partners are really hard
say it because my died 4 years ago and I could not to do Noting to save him because I need to give to another family to take care of. But the depression take it's ovre and then him died......
(sorry for my bad English, I'm Brazilian and still learning)


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I understand how it is, because I suffer fom the same way.
The zoo-exclusive life is one of the hardest parts of when a dog dies. And they die every 10 years. If there are more dogs, burial is even more common.
Fuck!, it's very hard and I'm crying, fuckin crying, shit... But I’m a zoo, an exclusive-zoo, it is a special, respectable and precious life, to be appreciated. And my new beautiful dogs need a confident herd leader.
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yeah it is but try to enjoy every second in 10 years is something that I really want to realize when I buy a new one.
so hope you gets better soon my friend and be happy with all moments you have with your dogs because there no best friend in the world, than have a good dog who will cares you until their last time on earth