Name one thing that makes you instantly cringe


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Fossils with tiny lapdogs who have absolutely no understanding of how to take care of a dog. You know the kind ,the old lonely farts who get a dog for some company, but they've never ever taken care of one in their life. They're untrained, nasty, and generally don't look nice. Same goes for their dogs.


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advertisements for the manga "Secret Class" make me cringe something awful. this manga is advertised on the most innocent and the most random of sites, usually wikias.
all the advertisements are softcore pornographic, and involve a student dating their teacher. and theyll just be sitting there in the sidebar while im trying to read a wiki. :rolleyes:
it doesnt help that all the dialogue was obviously written by someone with no real grasp of english.
It makes me cringe when people refer to animals as their "partners", their "spouse", or their "SO". People who seem to think that the animal they have sex with can be on the same level as a human relationship. It's really weird, and honestly kind of creepy.
When you hear them talking, you think they're referring to a human, but they were actually referring to an animal the whole time.