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My girlfriend has no clue?


Story goes like this we have a farm and we have pigs and horses and we collect sperm to sell since we make a profit from this. My girlfriend is a 27yo perverted we been together almost 10 years and we have done almost everything you can think of except well taboo. She doesn’t know this side of me and I’m afraid of telling her. Alright I’m just speaking nonsense. So my girlfriend stayed home for 2 weeks alone and I went to a business trip and she ask me to do something unexpected she told me one of her fantasies about cum popsicles and that she always wanted to see what will happen so she ask me to milk my self and make 8 cum popsicles and boy it took awhile to make them and exhausting in my part. But they were made.we Skype for about 2 hrs and she used 3 of the 8 and it was fantastic. Here is we’re things get weird she is not into it or at least I don’t know if she is I have always try to avoid this topic. When I went back to my house I milk 3 my dog, pig, and horse and save some and made them into well cum popsicles I replaced them and didn’t tell her I was scared because we all know that pigs and hose sperm is more like glue. 2 days she says she’s horny and I ask her well we still have the cum popsicles and she replied “oh yeah and and I told I will love to see it upfront and since the popsicles are of different colors on the handle I know what popsicle is what cum she gets the dog cum popsicles and used it as a dildo and starts to masturbate with it and I was like oh my god this is so amazing that she doesn’t have a idea of what she’s doing in my head is going crazy and think this is like rape? Or something because she didn’t know. It melts and well she was satisfied I handle her the pig cum and same thing happened she is oblivious of what is going on she makes a comment this cum is more glue and I told her it might be because of what I eat since we read on the web that depending on your diet cum is different and I been on a diet☺She continues and I was amazed of what was going on. We have a rule that we can’t take pictures or make a video of us since she’s afraid since she had a bad experience when she was younger and got blackmail I don’t really ask about it but sometimes she does make videos maybe when she is in the mood. She was done and said that was amazing. I felt bad about the situation but I was still very turned on since she doesn’t know what happened yesterday we have a talk about the time she was walking in public with a dildo inside her about 4 years ago good times. I ask her you know what will be amazing if you did something what if you stick the popsicles inside you and we go shopping and like all women she loves shopping and she was thrilled and said I never thought about it. Today she gets the horse popsicle. Forgot to mention that this popsicles are 5in long back to the story we put them in a cooler and arrive in the mall inside the car she ope the cooler and insert the horse popsicle I tell her I will buy you anything but with one condition you can’t go to restroom all day and she say ok. She has jeans since we were working before we got here and puts the horse popsicle inside her pussy and looks at me saying it’s cold we get out of the jeep male are way in she not knowing anything about it. She haven’t gone to the restroom and we are in her mothers place. So it already melted since it’s been almost 6 hrs since it happened so I’m excited of what is going inside her. She did said it felt thick and put her hands on her pussy and show me and it was all sticky she licked it and said it tasted weird. She hasn’t said anything and I haven’t seen how it looks.
I don’t know if I’m a bad person for doing this but I’m horny as fu%^ck and I while I’m telling the story of my girlfriend popsicles adventure I was thinking if she didn’t have a idea I could collect other types of sperm and have my fantasy. This is my first post and will like to have other people opinions of this topic. If you have questions just message me and I will try to reply as soon as possible.


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I think it is dishonest and the longer you do this behind her back the more you should get prepared for a very unpleasant break up. :D


I know about it being dishonest but it was the heat of the moment. It’s when you do something without you thinking about the consequences but after it happens you start reflecting about what you did. I good news about the story is that she didn’t suspect anything we got home and we sat together and she pull down her pants and underwear cum cum had already drip out of her but some remains and for what it look it turn to be more of a white yellow crumble clay she putsch some out but I was helping her since it was thick. I won’t be doing this in a while but I still can’t believe this happened. The only thing that I’m thinking is that does that mean in a way she did it to are farm animals without her knowing are dog when we arrive hasn’t let go he’s been just walking up to her constantly and jumping around after the shower everything went like normal. She said she like it and will like to do some like that again.
If I put aside my disbelife for a minute and assume you actually did this without informing your partner then Id have to agree it was a poor decision, Ask yourself if she found out what you had done would she be angry?
Consent is CRITICAL to this community with animals or otherwise, Engaging in sexual activity with another person or animal without their knowledge or consent is essentially rape, molestation, or at best an extreme violation of their trust in you.