Midwest people?

Straight male in Ohio here with 3 year old boxer
Hi! 22yo Hispanic man here Living in Michigan. I'm open for friendships with Dog owners.
I'm gay for humans and for animals. I would like to come in touch with male owners or couples.
I would like to get to know each other better, and explore as well.

I don't care about travel time, I will do a lot to have the opportunity to be taste a dog cock and even get fucked by one.

I'm also interested in a lot of kinks and fetishes so just ask away.

My PM's are open and I have telegram as well.
I speak English and lil bit of Spanish.
30M in Iowa
I'm an outdoorsy and nerdy guy looking for a woman to begin building a relationship with this as a part. Once we are comfortable we get a dog and begin looking for a small farm to get horses and maybe more.
I'm also into lactation, so breastfeeding before and after breeding is a must.