Lost 2 in 6 months



As most here, I am animal lover in more ways than one. While I may see my boys as true lovers and companion....

I also have many others here in home with us.

6 (4) Cats inside.
11 cat outside come to feeding I keep for them.
1 turtle.
..and of course my 2 boys.

Add in my 2 daughter and sister who live here now also due to Zagreb queake she lose home, is busy house.

I had 2 cat with kidney disease....
5 month ago I lose my Pumpkin to Kidney Disease...she was such amazing girl who had very bad life before we rescue her. Find her in cage curled in back, very sick and hurting. Flea and worm, the place on papers say she was taken care of, this was not the case. 2500 kuna later and she have all shot, clean up no flea and diagnose stage 1 kidney disease. This was 2017. We lose her end of 2020.

I try to attatch picture but it not let me...

2 day ago, The other old lady in home, Elzbeta ..Lizzy...Lizzybear... I lose her to kidney disease also.
Her final days much harder than Pumpkin and Instead of wait for doktor on start of week, she have to do her mercy so she can move on and wait for us on other side. Have shatter my heart, these 2 old lady have be my rock and foundation and cuddle. Both girl was very loving.

The 4 I have left all much younger. ages 9 to 2, not so much of cuddle, more so of zoom around home.

I pray my 2 ladies waiting for me, I miss them both so dearly.


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I'm really sorry for your lose... i bet that even their lives were short, they didn't lack of love and companionship.