I'VE started in zoo at 9 yo !


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I'VE started in zoo at 9 yo with dog. Now at 47 love sex with horse , Have any other started so young? Always straight love zoo love females!

I started a few years earlier touching dogs.

Second year of school there was a girl who wanted to show her pussy to all the guys, I realised later in life she had an abusive relative that told her it was expected of her.

School libraries gave me an education in animal courtship and mating behaviours as well as a term bestiality.

Who needs the internet when asn education can go far beyond the curriculum. Though I first chatted to another human that loved animals via News groups and IRC.

I am now 51


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I just don't understand why people insist on asking this question when people are discussing how much fun they had with a female animal.
Look at the username for a hint...
That one is clearly a case of "I'm here for the porn and degradation".


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Mine was when i was 9 was another boys dane. He already played with him and asked me to join him. Not that i was into zoo at the time. But was/am a pleaser and a super perv since forever. Second experience was when i was 13. Family reunion grandads dog barked a lot when all the adults were partying. So they made me take him into the room with me. First night after everyones asleep i get ready for a good yanking. Just as i get started the dog jumped up on the bed and started licking my hole. Well took about 10 seconds for me to pop. Dog didnt leave my side for that whole week.


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I guess around the same age (as the original poster) I just became curious about the anatomy of the animals around me. They were publicly showing off body parts people kept hidden and a taboo. So I always looked for the taboo parts in animals. Growing up I wondered why not more people were into animals, it was something quite normal for me. When I found out, it wasn't normal I felt bad at first. But eventually I accepted myself for the person I was back then and for the person I became.


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I guess that depends on what the zoo community means as started. I first noticed humans and non humans at the same time and I noticed them from a very young age. My cousin helped with this (I do not come from a healthy family) have I ever been with a non human? No. Have i always been into them? Oh very much so. So if you consider that starting then I would say about 7 year olds give or take.


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Yes I definitely starts that young. I have memories of messing with my aunts dog and I vividly remember coming across my first video of dogs mating and it literally like rewired my brain. It was so fascinating and opened my mind. Don’t remember if that was before or after I started playing with my aunts dog though


Since about 9 I have been attracted to female dogs. Thier bodies and behaviors were so appealing to me and I didn't understand why. I started bro notice how horny it made me feel to watch them have sex. When I was 13 I lost my virginity with our female dog Minie from there I realized I was zoo. We were together for about 5 years during this time we learned from each other and sex was so amazing. She made me the man I am today. I am a man for female dogs!


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I started very young, in the 80's. First I let the family dog lick my face, at 5 or 6. That was the first time I got pleasant sensations from a dog (by the way I was caught and severely reprimended). At 9 or 10 (can't remember) I had my first dry orgasm just by touching the balls and sheath of my neighbour's sexy mutt. A couple of years later I learned about masturbation and put it on practice with our very same family dog. At 17 I was penetrated by another neighbour's dog for the first time (no knot, I already knew how big they could be and I was afraid). And so on... I'm 40+ now.


I always enjoyed a dogs company when i was younger. But i didn't really have any sexual attractions towards either humans nor animals until i hit puberty, which was around 12.

At the time we did have internet, so inevitably i ended up learning about those aspects on different forums and odd websites eventually. Just being around family and friends pets, being a somewhat naïve teenager, i thought dogs fuzzy sheaths was the entirety of their junk and didn't think much of it.

Until one day when i was with a friend of mine, at his house. We had been playing games, and when we finally managed to tear ourselves away from the TV screen, he mentioned that his mom was still at work and that he would have to take their dog for a walk soon. We went looking for him and found him lying on his back on his parents bed, and for whatever reason he started stroking the dogs sheath, laughing and going "Ugh nasty! He has warts on his dick!" (I'm still not sure if he was feeling the dogs nipples or the knot at this time.) But he kept stroking him, and eventually the tip of his red rocket appeared. I remember all of this in perfect detail, because that was the day that my mind got blown into a million pieces. Something about how a male dogs genitalia looked was so enticing to me.

The first time i decided to look up animal pornography was literally just as mindblowing and extremely confusing at the same time, but all it did was just add another layer to my already existing love for dogs.

Unfortunetly i did end up getting scolded by my parents when they (for whatever reason) decided to look through the internet browser history, and i had literally no idea what to say in my defense lol. I have never told either of them about my love for dogs, but they do have an early hint at least, so maybe they do.

I didn't have my first sexual encounter with an animal until i was probably around 16'ish. I had tried different approaches earlier with different dogs but never did anything since most of them didn't seem to keen on me touching their private parts, and i respected that and let it be. That is until i slept over at a few friends house. They had an adorable border collie mix that was super sweet. I had known this guy since he was a pup, and he was very obedient and calm in general.

That night i slept on the livingroom couch and woke up when the dog decided to walk over me to lie down next to me. Enjoying the company i started petting him, eventually leading up to him lifting his legs and revealing his privates. At this point i could not resist trying my luck and successively kept stroking my way to his sheath. I kept looking at him as to notice any signs of discomfort but he seemed more than happy letting me prod and inspect his fuzzy member and orbs. I had read a "guide" on canine fellatio on a website named Zoophile-something back then and had a little more insight as to how to proceed (Thanks random guy/gal if you happen to be around on these forums!)

I had learned how to get him out of his sheath, and so i did. Carefully stroking around his knot and seeing his member engorge just inches away from my face was pure ecstasy. He didn't move a muscle. You probably figured out the rest; yes i gave him an inexperienced blowjob, a messy one at that. In hindsight i know it was a reckless thing to do since i am somewhat allergic, but apart from some tingling sensation in my throat everything was fine. Nothing special to some, but a forever treasured memory for me. To this day he remains the only male dog i've managed to "service" lying on his back, most males tend to wanna stand up. He unfortunetly passed away around two years ago, but i will never forget him.


i was 13 and my friends dog (i don't remember the breed) started jumping on me, then he tried humping so i pushed him away but then i realized his dick was out so i figured if i jerked him maybe he'd leave me alone, but i soon realized that i loved the smell off his cum as it covered my hands, so after a few days of thinking i finally decided to suck him off, there was nothing like feeling that huge hard cock squirt cum down my throat, after that i was hooked but sadly i didn't get time to have him to fuck me because i moved away after a week or so.


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I remember watching the movie Willow when I was maybe 8 or 9... And I specifically remember getting hard when the witch turned some people into pigs. I didn't know what getting hard meant at the time, but the memory stuck with me.
First time messing around with an animal was around 12 or 13 on a missions trip in mexico... building outhouses for the poverty stricken and jerking off stray dogs haha