It took years, but I was finally able to open my heart and home again


He's just a young one right now, so all of our time is devoted to training, playing fetch, with plenty of good eats and rest in between. I think he'll grow up to me a wonderful dog. I missed having a buddy in my life. I'm glad I adopted him.

He is mostly a dachshund/lab (mama was a mostly lab mix, papa was about 50% dachshund and the rest who knows what) mix if anyone is curious!
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Puppies are just the best, they'll zoom around then crash for 5 minute and then want to play some more. It's hard to be sad when you have one in your life. Then they grow into your best friend and break your heart when they go, but your time with them is worth more than money can buy.

And I agree with @Meaty_19 take lots of videos and pictures, it's something I didn't do and regretted it later.


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You know what this is the coolest thing I've read all week. Good for you finally getting back into it with a new pup. Dachshounds are cool, I had a neighbor that had a purebred and a roti mix they were really fun to be around always lots of energy. Sounds like a blast hope you two are well and see yous around.