I just joined and I want to talk to someone like minded as I have a LOT of fellings to get out...

Starting out/Things to remember:

  • This took HOURS to type. I put in as much detail as human(sadly)ly possible.
  • As long as you dont harm/hurt/kill animals. I don't mind it. But I will say if anyone belongs here its me.
  • Im autistic with overwhelming emotions and feelings and Im literlly dumping this as fast as I can. This has taken me literlly 6 hours with a few breaks. When I say im through I mean it.
  • question? PLEASE FOR THE LOVE OF GOD ASK AWAY. I have thick ass skin just dont be a dick about it
  • I am TERRIFIED of getting caught (can't stress enough). Because of that, I am going to be pretty vague, for now anyway until I am truly comfortable
  • I like cursing (been worned). Rule pages isnt loading so ima go outta on a limb here *dangles precariously*
  • I LOVE sex toys esp bad dragon. I have a med flared horse and that 2 hole one from etsy...oh and spitfire (SPYRO!) (keeps me sane too!). if you talk about anything ppl be toys. Cuz its not often i get to talk about things openly as such, well....ever. I will read as much as possible. TRY to keep it relitivly short as it will be easier to process with my autisic mind, thank you
  • How I see it. Me: omg im so hungry *eats* socitey: "Thats ok" *horny* HOW DARE YOU NOT FIT IN WITH SOCIETY/HUMANS!
  • I ironically work on a farm but normally do gutters for the owner for a few months now. I haven't done anything sexual and probably won't because getting caught is my worst nightmare.I have found out in 2015 I was something called Demisexual by a friend. Still trying to understand why that isn't just called normal...
  • Being on a farm I HAD TO shoot and killed 2 coyotes (1m + 1f) which I HATED (nearly cried, held it in, emotionally killed me or whatever). I rather do it than anyone else. Having the control to kill it as fast as possible made it (barely) bearable. I was getting paid, the other person I was with would have certainly done it anyway so I did it. There's several snares under the fencing. I had no say in the matter, I feel ashamed. I would never hurt an animal willingly otherwise (unless in danger of course). I never shot a gun before (it was a .22) I asked how to you cope he said you would too if it was your cows/money which I don't have any so I still haven't comprehended it) Shooting them felt like a murder and a huge waste. I would fuck an animal before I would kill it. Think may sound odd but I do eat meat but I certainly don't want to see anything die. Unless its bugs, loathe bugs of any kind. If it can shut down a restaurant, I hate it. Bugs are creepiest freakiest and make me gag just thinking about it shivers. But I digress. Im not into dead bodies but I mean think about it. If you were THAT hungry wouldnt you try to eat something with a bit of mold? Not trying to justify it im saying my sexual repression has been the up most extream. Being a virgin that wants it THAT badly...I think its just wrong to hold it against them
  • This entire thing is seriously hard to say. Normal society would have a FIT but if im going to ever be happy THIS IS SOMETHING I NEED TO GET OFF MY CHEST FOR MY MENTAL HEALTH!
  • I'm just a super nice to a fault average guy that'd be the last you'd think to ever be locked up, ..or deserved it!!!
  • Some animals like the donkeys don't like humans to get within reach and that wouldn't work anyway even If was even allowed to. I don't want to be on the news dead because I was injured/killed. I don't want to go like that nor be known as such. I heard someone did it to someone's cows and notice their cows “behaving strangely”. The farmer put up a camera and that's how the person was caught. Again terrified (I'm literally shaking right now)
  • Found out about a year ago my grandpa molested my aunt when she like like 8 or so and yes the same super religious ones. More reason I will never force religion on my own future kids
  • I saw my dads porn at about 12 and it fucked me up and I NEVER TOLD ANYONE. Im ashamed but I want to avoid family drama like the plague. So bottling up I did.
  • Because of my childhood im pretty sure im a sex addict...thanks a lot society, shitty parenting (your responsible)
  • I was debating someone on god and at the end the guy goes “GOD IS REAL NO MATTER HOW MUCH YOUR PARENTS FUCKED YOUR MIND UP!” It really hit me how much religion really did, saying it didn't is just total bullshit and your not fooling anyone.

The intro:

Anyway I am 30 this year. Male (of course, shocking, I know) The closest city is Kansas City. I will refer to myself as Sebastian because I always thought it was a sexy name. Virgin till the heat death of the universe, likely. Never had a girlfriend. Autistic and have asthma my entire life. I have been alone/lonely my entire life since me and my cousin were split up around kindergarten and rarely get to see her. As such im a huge gamer over a decade.

Past/growing up:

  • I was born into a VERY religious family. I went to Sunday school and whatnot. We would go to “old folks home” They wanted me to be a pastor/preacher. Far as I know I'm the only atheist in my family. I was just following what I was taught and just went along and just assumed there was a god. Religion was forced on me long as I can remember. “Jesus is the answer, just call apon him” did me no good.
  • One day I talked to a neighbor kid and was about to "preach the loving word of god" when he said he was an atheist. I was shocked of course...but I knew he was a good person but at the same time, I was told atheists are evil, reject god, and just want to sin. So I knew something was up. I researched the living shit outta it.
  • Years past. Till I was 18 I finally officially acknowledged I was in fact an atheist. I feel ashamed for being so gullible...A few years past and the negative connotations eventually melted away. (Can argue religion for hours, if you want).
  • My grandparents took care of me a lot when I was very young most of my under 10 life. During that time my dad was not around. He showed up around then and I have a home video on me pulling up floorboards when I was 10. To this day that fuckin house still is not done + child labor. Regret ever starting it... my “dad” is a master of procrastination.
  • I was bullied a lot in school prob because I was autistic. Got cut badly by making a project that no one would help me carry full sheets of metal and I didn't get gloves. Since then they say you're not going to injure yourself today, are you? (won state twice and best of show). Ruined my self esteem though.
  • When I was in high school I was doing some work after school. (..Ok this is going to sound weird but im DEAD SERIOUS!) I noticed a mwsu mascot and something inside me felt funny. After I left, some time later. All I could think was it felt.....vaguely....sexy in some way.
  • Another time say year or so later I was playing Alien Swarm on PC and I get this OUT OF THE BLUE INCREDIBLY STRONG CLEAR HUGE SEXUALY ATTRACTION TO GET THIS...KOMODO DRAGONS(I couldn't make this up). I was playing with 'The human that plays games' on Steam because fuck that guy. I told him and he just thought it was the funniest thing imaginable then started teasing me when I was dead fucking serious. Trying to figure out what in the flying fuck is going one with me. Blocked his ass real quick too.It was the STRAINGEST feeling imaginable, there are no fucking words...but I couldn't be more certain.
  • I found out I was something called a furry, then found out im technically a scalie. Process took a few years. Maybe I was onto something about sexuality? Prob years away.
  • My guess is I think my sexuality exploded from being repressed. Like when you shake pop it fuckin explodes? Like that. Yes this might sound funny but I would like to figure out what that even was. REMEMBER THIS IS NOT SOME “YOU CHOOSE” bullshit. I was fucking BLOWN AWAY that there were others that thought the same way...e621 is nothing short of amazing.


  • I'm assuming I can cuss, which I often do when I want to get out emotion, frustration, and often do it casually around coworkers. I don't give magical powers to any word. But I'm not stupid. Some people don't like it. I don't usually say it in public. But I'm going out on a limb and gonna do it any way but will save this just in case. (rules wont even load anyway so can't fault me on that) I have been around so many co-workers that cuss I couldn't give a shit if you did. I'd be more bothered. If you started assuming you never did or more bothered if you were mad at me (im not trying to make enemies, but they still somehow appear...)
  • I don't think bestiality is that be a deal. People thought smoking weed was horrible but now I even hear ads about it.
  • Beastality is actually Ok and I can prove it. How? Well first off sex nor animals arn't wrong. How about with? Well ever heard of semen collection? “But its harmful” is it really? What about killing animals in general? Hunting? But eating meat gets a free pass? You can mutilate animals: spade, neuter, castration, dock, and its acceptable. So Hurting them is ok (which I would never do). So we know that sexual acts on animals to climax is perfectly ok. Even if its harmful. “There just animals” Arn't people animals? Ever read the definition of animal? A living organism that requires food. If you are alive and you eat food, your a fucking animal. God damn humans are SO self important. “They can't consent!” Because I totally consented to my foreskin to be sliced off at 8 days old...FUCK YOU
  • If you're not hurting people or animals I don't see the problem. Hurting meaning blood/pain breaking bones etc. I seriously doubt getting laid is horrible. I don't give a shit if most people think something is bad, good or popular. I determine that on my own (I have a brain that I actually use, shocking, yes, very). Circumcision is the definition of mutilation. Its always been wrong and will always be wrong. Ever hear a farmer say I need to circumcise my pig it wont keep itself clean. FUCK NO YOU DONT. DONT BULLSHIT ME WITH YOUR DOUBLE STANDARD HORSE SHIT!! Far as I see it everyone should be circumcised or no one and I see no reason for it anyway. It fucking amazes me everyone agrees that cutting girls is wrong but boys? WHAT THE FUCK IF WRONG WITH YOU I JUST WANT TO GET LAID, JESUS CHRIST. Call me what you want but im not the one cutting defenseless babies. That is FAR worse than anything I could possible do. If you need to go after babies, you already fucking lost. And if they even think about cutting my future boys adrinaline The last thing they should be worried is telling them to fuck off.

  • PS (more overwhelming emotion spilling over)
  • don't hesitate to ask me about anything. Being anonymous, I will be honest. I never told anyone about fucking a dragon or sucking dick or well....this site. The world is not ready, it might not ever. They would rather lock up "freaks" like me than get to know me. Thats the worst part. I think that's the real crime here...Fear of being handcuffed going around like corning like im some kinda child molester.

  • My dick and sexuality is demanding to get laid NOW. The whole fucking a dragon and shit is an extremely powerful feeling. I can't describe how bad I want sex,(till I masturbate) it is borderline debilitating but why fuck humans when all they do is hurt me? Besides I'm demisexual as far as humans go. But GOD DAMMIT THESE FEELINGS ARE REAL just a much as a couple is to each other. All of this is so hard to say being humans. I feel like I will be arrested just for havingthem. Am I gay? bi? or just despite? Wrong? I live by the golden rule. I'm vehemently against any form of mutilation or removal of any form of skin or body parts regardless of species. Tail, ears you name it nor I have any will too.

  • I am also a furry, more specifically a scalie. But for me its much more. Some can be sexual while others are not. But for me I would fuck the living shit out of a dragon. Why? Honestly you well...laugh more than likely (judgemental humans, big turnoff to them, dragons +1) Dragons make me happy. Humans not so much. I wish I could share my dragon sexual attraction. You would shit yourself. I have plenty to go agound. Eaither way im glad. I'd bet such porn on e621 is FAR SUPIORIOR to any humans. Also found Felkins not to long ago and jesus fucking christ HOT. AS. FUCK! (it literately almost hurts, a discomfort in gut sorta feeling, like a slight cramp, yeah its wierd)

Why am I here? Well, here's more of a summary (bare with me here) I played Spyro the Dragon back in the day. Saw Eragon movie in 6th grade. Sparked a HUGE fascination with dragons (See Name). My guess is when my sexuality did kick in it saw how shitty these humans were and nope'd the fuck out then found dragons and its been fuck at first sight. If you planning on getting me arrested. Remember this I have NO CONTROL over what I am attracted to. There NOT JOKING when they say thinking with your dick. You might as well arrest brown people “But thats wrong, they can't help it” you'd say...YOU PROVED MY POINT, CONFUCKINGRASTULATIONS! Now if you still feel a “freak” like me that “needs to be locked up”. fuck you, your a judgmental asshole. Because. Why am I being like this you ask? Bescause I KNOW there such really shitty people in this world who likes to make others suffer and im just saying im not going to be surprised when I feel the handcuffs. Heres a fantastic idea that literately NOBODY DOES! GET TO FUCKING KNOW ME FIRST PRICK! I'll even throw in buy one get one free! TAKE MENTAL HEALTH FUCKING SERIOUSLY AND LISTEN TO PEOPLE LIKE ME, EVER THINK OF THAT SHIT? looks at incarceration rates *#1 HOLY FUCK, CLEARLY YOU FUCKING DONT!..Now lets change your shitty UNRELIABLE ways make the world a better place for us ALL shall we?...
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I have an autistic child, so I have a near lifetime or experience dealing with this, but I really think someone has done you a bit of an injustice. I havnt been a part of this community very long but I think you are struggling with some issues you should seek therapy for, specifically the sort of therapist that specializes in working with people on the spectrum. The people here are supportive, but about one issue in particular and thats a very small part of what you are going through.
Hello and welcome! I too have autism (aspergers specifically) but hardly anyone can tell aside from some social awkwardness. I completely understand why it would take you so long to type that out (took be awhile before i said anything here too XD) so dont worry too much
I have an autistic child, so I have a near lifetime or experience dealing with this, but I really think someone has done you a bit of an injustice. I havnt been a part of this community very long but I think you are struggling with some issues you should seek therapy for, specifically the sort of therapist that specializes in working with people on the spectrum. The people here are supportive, but about one issue in particular and thats a very small part of what you are going through.
i can only imagine having a kid is like. Can you be more specific? I dont dare share any of my feelings with society esp family. Im not sure who to talk to. I find it damn near impossible to share anything with strangers, not to mention this of all things
Hello and welcome! I too have autism (aspergers specifically) but hardly anyone can tell aside from some social awkwardness. I completely understand why it would take you so long to type that out (took be awhile before i said anything here too XD) so dont worry too much
"I completely understand"

That all I ever wanted...


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Thats kinda insulting now that I think about. Cuz I can say look whos on this site. But I wont bc im not a POS
Seabass, you are definitely not a POS!! You’re quite a few cans short of a case, but not a POS! Just remember, if you try and get a fire breathing dragon to lick you, be careful she doesn’t exhale and fry your weeny off. Good luck. Let’s go ride our bikes!!!
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