How to clean a male dog?


What are some tips on keeping a male dog's sheath & cock clean in ways that are agreeable to them?

I know they generally keep themselves clean, but I'm new to all this & have yet to gain any "acquired tastes", if you know what I mean...
Unless there is a medical reason, dogs do not need help cleaning their parts.

Dogs should only be bathed a few times per year, it strips the coat of its natural protective oils and perfumed soaps can be an irritant, especially around genitalia.
Some dogs may need help keeping the area trimmed or shaved, some dogs have bad aim or their fur is too long or fluffy so a sanitary trim done by a groomer can be helpful but overall males are fine on their own.
If you are concerned you can take a baby wipe and wipe down the sheath and dab ever so lightly at the opening before any activities, otherwise leave it alone. Male dogs are not into anal play so leave that area alone.
I believe I once read an advice that said filling a small tube with water that you could push in the sheath to release the water, obviously being using temple water so it's not uncomfortable, but I don't think using soap would be a good idea, just water should work. Maybe someone else can confirm if this is good advice.