How many times have you nearly told someone


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Fuckin eh 👌👍👍

I def have found that dudes (whatever their self-declared interest/orientation) tend to either say 'no worries, but hell no, not my thing man.' Or, hmmm.. that's funny **CHUBB** 🍆🍆🍆
Yeah I mean I only ever met a girl into it but that was a whole other thing.


Sober me ? Never been close.

Under the influence ? It’s becoming more difficult to keep the lid on it the older I get.

Not sure who can relate.


Sober me ? Never been close.

Under the influence ? It’s becoming more difficult to keep the lid on it the older I get.

Not sure who can relate.
100% bud. More and more recently

But i think part of that is realising that quite a good chunk of sexually curious / independent (men in my experience, but all genders/nonbianry orientations i suspect) have come across some - and a decent chunk of those got turned the fuck on, even of theyve pushed it away, ignored it etc


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Have not told anyone but nearly considered telling once. the other person mentioned it first and not in a full joke way so I thought maybe but I laughed it off, pretended to be normally appalled and never thought about it again.


I'd love to know how many people like myself get so close to opening up and then remembered if they reach wrong your life could be fucked
I have nearly mentioned something about my zoo life accidentally without thinking about it, but I always have caught myself. Purposely, only once, with a GF. That was a mistake. She told all my friends.
I was seeing a girl a while back and made a joke about watching dog porn, she called me out on it so I tried to play it off as "it was seriously only a joke" but she wouldn't drop it so eventually I caved and said yes I like to watch girls with dogs her response was "well show me" out totally caught me off guard and blew me away... we were kinda long distance so this was all said over texting etc.... I ended up sending her the best clip I could find (at the time) of a girl getting mounted and knotted while enjoying it.... I very sheepishly asked if she liked it wholeheartedly expecting her to never reply to me again but she replied with "i don't want too like it" we ended up role playing her being mounted..... after that we kinda went back and forth with her liking it one week and being disgusted the next we drifted apart but occasionally still talk and she claims she never did anything with a dog but who knows! the only other person that knows told me she was into it first but that's a longish story!


my inner friend circle probably knows. Im an open, honest, no judgments peson who has no qualms about saying the most offensive things i can think of to delight and challenge my friends. They know i love animals and that i never talk badly about zoophilia in random conversations it comes up in. They must have at least a strong hunch but they love me lots anyway.