How does a knot feel?


Never tried it tbh no opertunity as can't have pets where I live (sad ik right) but I know you can get knotted dildos pre much anywhere. I'm sure it's nothing like the real thing though but if you are wanting to try and don't know anyone or own ect like me that's prob your best bet!


With my border collie, it's absolutely amazing when we finally tie, if its been more than a few days since he's fucked me, it hurts initially, but otherwise, it's really intense and addictive. And feeling the cum flood my insides is next level
I'd highly recommend it, a prostate driven orgasm is next level compared to jerking off or even conventional sex
So I've heard. I imagine doing it yourself and alone is mind-blowing, but with your s.o...I am sure there aren't many words that describes the unquenchable euphoria.

I desperately want to feel that! ❤️
From a males point of view, at first it feels like you have to take the biggest poop but once you get used to it. It’s one of the most intense and amazing experiences. When my boy would knot me, I can feel his every pulse filling me up with his warm cum. It becomes more amazing when he licks around my ass to taste me while his knot is still in there. I like to hold all his cum for as long as I can while he licks me clean after he pulls out.