noxn pon

Hello, not to sure what to put here…

20yr/s old from the U.K. won’t say exactly where for obvious reasons.

More or less a newcomer to zoo but became curious enough to start looking more into it a few months ago, so please excuse my naivety when/if I make comments.

Been lurking here since joining in feb and found out a lot already but was a little bored 2day and thought I’d make an effort to get more involved with the forum.

As you can prob guess from the above my experience is at 0. I am not sure how far I want to go with it and if I want to go from fantasising to trying but we will see in time and it’s why I am here.

so yeah... Anyway nice to meet u all and maybe interact in the future once I make enough posts


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@noxn pon Yes it is a fine profile pic, there are some great people here, but some guys just go over the top, on women, hope you like dick pics, lol, mostly have fun and learn what you need, try the search button if you want to find specific things of interest, you will get dm and groups after 10 posts,