First introduction from this girl here :)

Hi everyone,
I'm a 23 year old girl who lives in central Europe. I consider myself a zoophile, and I am super into the idea of offering my body to a large, horny male animal, who's in the mood.

I don't think I will end up doing it in real life, because I'd have to adopt and raise an animal. If I did, it wouldn't be for sex, but for the reasons that you always get a pet - you want a sweet family member to take care of and raise, and it's at the moment too much work.

I am super into zoo stuff, and I'm living with my partner who is also into it. However, every other community but this one is super against zoophilia, and I have to hide, which makes me feel kind of alone, so I'm hoping I'm able to chat with other zoophiles about the attraction, about ethics and all that kind of stuff, without being dangerously judged :)
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Welcome welcome! Enjoy your time on the forum. There are plenty of like minded people here also interested in zoo of course, so you don't have to feel so alone.

Feel free to be yourself!


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Feel free to chat away with me i dont mind hearing you out. Welcome to the fold may you find happy days.


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Welcome & I hope you decide to stay a while. You should find plenty of like-minded individuals ready and willing to chat with you and advise you with your endeavors. This is a friendly community that you will quickly notice and hopefully feel right at home.


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Hello and welcome.
hope you find your way around here and make lots of new friends. it's a great community here and you can talk openly and honestly about almost anything:)


Hello and welcome, its so very nice to meet you. i hope you find everything you are looking for here, make plenty of new friends and have loads of fun ;);)


Same thing here. I’m in nyc and I just found out my friend is into all this and she will watch videos and everything with me. So we joined a site to get tips for when we both have our experience


Well we wanna know where to start!! Lol we don’t even know what kind of dog would be a good fit for her first time. And I would have to wait for a dog in heat.


Heya, welcome to the forum :) Hope your time here is a hoot, lots of nice zoos on here ^^ I'm newish myself (well, new to posting), and it's been awesome.