Favourite Fantasy?

Although I realize I'm living many's dreams and fantasies tending to over a dozen female equines daily plus a couple miniature stallions, there are several female equines that I wish I could have met and had intimate encounters with: Gallant Bess, Molly (the mule that played Francis), Flicka (from the TV Series), Sgt Reckless, Ruffian, Magic (Pat Parelli's mare) and several others. I'm certain each would have an amazing and unique lover/partner as every one I have known has been such...
So many fantasies

-Hobby farm with animals(horses, pigs, goats, you name it) I can service when they need it
- Getting mounted and knotted by a dog in the back seat of a car with blacked out windows in a busy parking lot
- Going back country thru hiking with a dog or two. Wearing no pants or underwear so the dog(s) have full access to me whenever they want. Ideally they'd fuck me on all fours in the middle of a hiking trail
- I'd like to get knotted in the bed of a truck
- I just want to be cream pied by animals, I'd use a knotted dildo to keep the cum in me for as long as I can
- Being tied to a breeding bench and having a line of horny dogs fuck me as theh please
Same 🤣
Have a partner with the same desires that I can help knot and bury my face in her to lick at all the goodies before taking a turn myself.

Putting on a show for a few guys, where the dog can fuck me, but they can't.
I'm down for the tease. I would love to watch.
My stories (in the signature) illustrate it pretty well, but the short version is: A woman who's not into dogs, but let's her dog breed her anyway, because he needs it.
mine would be to simply get gang banged by a dozen doggies
or watch them bang my gf while then take seconds after.
My biggest fantasy is prob walking into my next door milf house because she needed help with something. Seeing the door is open en calling out for her. Only to hear moans and pants, walking up upstairs and there she is full on moaning, dirty talking fully knotted with her dog. Not seeing me at first I would just stand there in aw. When she would see me she just smiles winks and continues her show. I would strip down having the biggest boner of my life and would slam right in her when her dog is done
Damn that is hard to choose.

The one most often at the top is being with a woman who loves bi guys and loves when they take cock, human or animal, and she wants to do it together. Preferably we would have 2 dogs so we could both suck and get fucked together side by side, both turning each other on watching. Asses up in the air both knotted side by side, and when they finish we both clean each other up with our mouths. I love the idea of beasty sloppy seconds. I want to be under her while she is knotted in her pussy or ass and be there to catch the cum as it bursts out when the dog slips out, and then she leans up and sits her pussy right on my mouth and pushes all the rest of it out. Then I fuck the hell out of her animal cum lubed holes and leave her leaking my own big load.
Omg, are you my partner???!!!😳😅
Because that’s EXACTLY, word for word, what I, he, WE both want to do, to have this, in the future once we’re living together!! 👍👍👍
I suppose since we are talking fantasy I have a few... to be (forced?) part of a science experiment where I am strapped down and bred with a new breed of dog with the ability to impregnate humans. Or to have my mind/personality altered to that of a dog. o_O I also have many fantasies about being transformed into a dog. Hope these count :LOL:
I have a couple, hard to choose

1. Having a lady over my face, on her hands and knees as she gets fucked by dogs one after another, cum dripping onto my face. I take a moment to suck each cock after the pull outs. After the pack is spent, I grab her hips and pull her into my face, licking every drop of doggy cum out of her.

2. Licking and fucking a freshly bred bitch or mare.