Error when trying to join a group

hello everyone,

Whenever I try to join a group I get the following error.

Oops! We ran into some problems.
Your user group is unable to send PCs to anyone.
Please notify the site admin of this message.
(Maximum conversation recipients = 0)

please help!


Prized Citizen of ZV
You need five more posts in your actual post count. Not in games, not profile posts. Then log out, log back in and you should be fine


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This is more of a bug than error. Since groups require your account to send a PM to the owner you must be able to send PMs which is limited until you reach a certain amount of posts. The admins should fix the error message or allow group joining.


At least since yesterday I have the 10 posts, but still I have the same issue with joining a group. What are the database update intervals?


Zooville Settler
Check how many posts the group admin has. If the admin's posting count is below 10 it won't work either. Most likely a group with sunch an passive admin does not work at all.


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i also get the error =/ did you find a solution?