Dos, Don'ts, insight, and advice for social success with opposite gender


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There is a barrier between men and women when it comes to the whole social factor. This is primarily because of the different ways our brains function from the other biological sex. Without getting too scientific and complex here, we'll sum up the result of brain functionality and the result that differs. Women's brains primarily function on emotional response, while men's primarily function on logical initiative. This does not mean that men aren't intuned to emotion or not capable of it, or even indulge or express themselves, and it doesn't mean women can't function on logic, it just means this is the scientific default of brain operation.

In general interaction between men and women, especially an intimate connection, there's usually a gap here, which is defined by the scientific differences of our default brain functionality. A woman's appeal to a man may be subject to dismissal and overlooking, while a man's appeal to a woman may be likewise.

It becomes even more complex with Zoos, particularly those seeking a zoo-compatible relation. The social restraint giving way to a social barrier on top of the one that already exists. Furthermore, I have found that there is an anti-social norm among Zoos in general. We will not be getting into psychology here on this, but I wanted to get this thread up to help bridge a social gap between women and men here. A thread where men can learn from women, and women can learn from men, and where they can apply it to their real lives for a better success in relationships. Helping each other understand some of the universal factors of the opposite gender from a social-perspective.

Through my personal experiences, I have found most of the women I've been with to interact with body language and eye contact, something most men are oblivious to. I have had an encounter with a zoo girl also, where the social interaction was several times harder than your average relationship, and most of her appeals to me were in cat talk...Meow. Something that as a dominant man, and insecure to express myself in such ways (including animal role play, pet play, dance - even if masculine) found myself struggling to get to know her, and my manly straight forward approach of socialization was too much for her.

I'd like women and men to post here openly and honestly, on their dos and dont's with the opposite gender. Share your struggles in communications with the opposite gender. Share your struggles and barriers with other zoos and opposite gender, and what would be a struggle in socializing with the opposite gender if they were a zoo. Explain how you would go about it, and take insight from the opposite gender-Zoo on how that may be accepted and indulged, resented or altered so we have a better understanding of each other's universal social norms.

I think the hardest thing for me personally, is when I'm with a lady, i need to know if she's a zoo right away. Because I'm only interested in a zoo-compatible woman, and I don't want to waste time or money for some unforeseeable time, only to find out she's not a Zoo. It's happened to me many times. The other issue I have, is that when I do find out we share zoo interest, it then becomes too sexual or fast-paced, where I'm now getting very sexually aroused by her sensual body language, gestures, and flirts when I want to get to know her better, because I'm afraid to fuck her right away because I know id get her pregnant, and I'd be destroyed if we later found out we don't work together and she tries taking my kids from me, or my kids have to live without mommy or daddy. But in her mind, of I don't fuck when she wants, then it's over.


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Ice Breakers

In 2010 or 2011 I met a girl through a mutual friend of mine. She was a zoo, but I didn't know how to tell her that, and I didn't know she was a zoo until after her several attempts to chat me up in text while at work or on the phone (her attempt at phone sex) which I pretty much brushed off at the time because her communication patterns weren't attractive or appealing. After I found out she was a zoo, I ignorantly asked her out a few days later without sharing with her my zoo sexuality. It was an awkward look and silence, and to make it even more strange, of course I repeated my request thinking she didn't hear me. How stupid I was.

I want others out there to learn from this, and not make the mistakes I did. You've got to tell the other person you're a zoo. At first it's scary, you don't know who else will find out, but if you don't, you won't ever have it. You have to take that step guys. If you know she's a zoo, you have to tell her about you being a zoo also, otherwise you'll be like I was with this awkward look and silence that will make you want to go home and not show your face outside of your house for weeks, thinking something is wrong with your face.

For me, I get lots of ladies texting me, and also on these sites as well as Facebook. Almost every message I get from a woman is "hi", "hey", "how are you doing". I know how hard it is for these ladies to make the first move on me, to muster up the courage to talk to me first. I know this because I used to be terrified as a young man to make a move on a lady or talk to her, and I know that feeling is in them. I'm a devilishly good looking man, with a sweet charm and character. I'm the guy that walks into a place and the ladies stare and whisper. I catch them smiling and giving me the sneaky peaks, and I see them blush. These women have guys chatting them up on phone and Facebook constantly, and they drool when I walk by. It takes profound courage for a lady to talk to a guy like me. That does not change the fact that "hi", "hey", "how are you doing" are terrible ice breakers, and what am I supposed to say back? What leverage of communication is there I can respond on? Those kinds of ice breakers leave me no room to say anything back. I have a friend who gets women all the time, and he just says the same thing to them back and makes super cheesy phrases, jokes, and pickup lines, but he's also single, lonely, and depressed. He only gets sex, and can't maintain a relationship.

Ladies, if your are trying to make a conversation with a guy, you should try something that has a little more sandwich filling between the bread. For example, when or if I decide to talk to a lady, I devise a communication that tells them something about me, always includes at least one question, and if I see something about them that I like or value, such as a mutual hobby or something, I elaborate on it.

We've got to put more dialect in our I've breakers when we first talk to someone, otherwise you may not get a response, and if you do it will likely be very short (ending the communication) or just some guy trying to get his dick wet.

I'd like everyone reading this to practice your ice breakers when first contacting someone. Ask yourself why you are contacting the person. What are you looking for? Find out and make sure the person you are communicating with is seeking the same thing. Find common interests and hobbies. Make sure your sexual interests are compatible, but express that fact and that you want something more than a quickie or one night stand. Never ask questions without first sharing about yourself first. In the instance of the other person choosing to not share back about themselves after you took the first step, just means they are not ready, with you or anyone, and sometimes they may never be ready, and move on to the next person and try again. Your mathematical probability of finding a zoo-compatible relationship will increase this way.


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Online Appeal

I cannot express this enough. An online communication holds the same basic laws of science as ones in person. Sociology is a science just like any other; we are organisms, and we are not exempt from the laws of physics and psychology.

The creators of this website, made this better than the previous zoo sites for a reason...for social inclusion. You have something called "about" on your profile. That exists for a reason. You have a profile pic and a banner pic...for a reason. You can follow others for a reason.

When two people meet in the real world, and they talk to each other, it's because they either have to or they are attracted in some way, regardless of the nature of intent or interest. When you're online, you have an option to appeal to someone, and to also be attracted to someone. While many attractions in real life start as physical attraction, that is to say an attraction to our eyes, we also have to experience them as a person, that is to say their character and personality. That can be good or bad, but something to keep in mind about all of us here...we like other species. Have you seen these animals? I mean come people, no one cares about how ugly, or fat, or even how small your dick, nipples, boobs, etc is. We've got people who make love to cats, pigs, horses with rotting teeth, dogs that eat raw meat and rodents. Taking 14 inch horse cocks, and tiny twirly pig dicks. Keeping all this in mind should tell you all the very common sense thing here: get to know someone for who they really are. Their character and personality is the attraction here, and that starts with a communication. That communication is what we read and respond to about others.

This means being yourself, and for Pete's sake put something in your bio. I am quite pleased that the devs have made a decent amount of characters allowable for our bios, beats LinkedIn and Twitter any day.

I can't speak for all guys on this, but I am a guy nonetheless, and I can't express how annoyed I am to see someone's blank bio. That is not appealing or attractive. That makes me want to not follow someone. It makes me want to not even respond to PMs, it tells me nothing about your personality, character, interests, gender, sexuality, hobbies, interests, or what your looking for. It's worse than staring into a cloudless sky. You cannot expect to make any sort of social connection of any kind with anyone without showing your character and personality, whether that's on your "about" section and/or your posts. This is perhaps the first step in appealing to anyone on here, in order to make a social connection. Use it.