Doggy gift


I didn't know where to post it so I'm posting it right here.
I was offered to get a Labrador cross dog from the mother's side.
and the father is a very nice mestizo dog.
what do you think? he is 45 days old


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I think he'll be a very lovely companion. But keep in mind that labs need to excercise. He'll have lots of energy. If you can keep him and take good care of him i'm pretty sure he'll be a very nice dog.

Now in terms of how he'll be when he grows... both dogs are medium sized so he'll be a proper size, at least that's from the logic. You'll need to give him lots of love, attend him on his health side, shots, and etc, then wait until he's around one and a half year or so (it depends on the dog, but that's usually the best age)