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guessing it had the 300 - 6 in it

I have absolutely no idea, it had a 4.9l I6 and my lack of carb knowledge meant that I never got it to run right. Had flat spots through the rev range. Broke a tie-rod when I hit a pothole too (South African specialty.) and nearly wrote myself and the vehicle off. Didn't have it long. Bought a Toyota Hilux and never looked back. 🙂

4.9L = 300in³

Always been a problem with them most people convert to a holly set up cause it's more reliable

Oh I'm with you haha, in my country we use the metric system not Freedoms per Eagle🤣🤣 I don't think that f150 was worth saving, in the end I sold it for 20k in local currency, about the equivalent to $1050

Someone deleted a post somewhere and messed up the count.

Yep mostly use cubic inches when discussing older engines but I enjoy knowing both numbers.

Ah, I see now haha. In case it's not already obvious this is not my area of expertise. 🤣On my hilux I've replaced a battery and a radiator in 60,000km. Obviously besides regular oil, filters etc.