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So far Furaffinity has been a mini gold mine for smut. A lot of artists don't post their work on E621 and even make do not post requests. Or if they do post their work, they don't post all of it. The only bad thing about FA is that you have to create an account to see the smut, and not just the clean stuff.

That's lamentable. There was an artist I used to follow on DeviantART, and I found out she left DeviantART and posts exclusively on FA. It's a shame, I used to crush on her.

First, I fell in love with her centaurs, then with her art style. Then I just started crushing on her.

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That's not even remotely close to the worse I've seen on here. But it was definitely more than enough to permaban the user. Now that I think about it, it might have been a frog, and not a lizard.

Listed as a frog, all I know is that I saw either a tail or leg sticking out and noped the page closed.

Yeah, gotta wonder what the hell some people are thinking with they crap the think is fit to post.