Canine sexuality


TL;DR: Your dog does not have a sexuality. He is not sexually attracted to you or other dogs even. All this because he doesn't have the brain capacity for it. His brain is not developed enough for that. And he's just sexually attracted to female dogs, just because his body (his DNA) makes him...

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P.S.: Yeah, I know... The Version 0.1 of the theory sucks, but I'll make a more detailed version when I have time...


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"***What are your sources?*** Some here, some there. Nothing really worth reciting... Most of them are just theory..."
Unless you can back your theory with repeatable, measurable scientific research I am going to continue to trust what current science knows about animals.
I do not need my dog to be an anthrofile to love him. So I never demanded him to be sexually attracted to me. The sex we have is for fun because it feels good for both of us.


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*laughs in canidae free will*

Seriously tho: Yes, they do possess a very complex sexuality in a self-choosing way. And many other animals do as well. They even have a comparable brain "capacity" (more like processing power) as humans and other primates, just with different sensory inputs, outputs and reaction based values in mind.* Even mice have a surprisingly high processing power. What they are not optimized for is abstract scientific thoughts, as example math or projection of physical values towards things and living beings.

DNA does nothing regarding willingly chosen actions / reactions. It can lure one into specific decisions by preferences, disliking and so on, but it has nothing to do with most of the sexual decisions of a dog, as those are consciously chosen (except in heat through hormonal activity, which as well would hit a human if you inject him specific hormones.. and who would say humans don't possess a sexuality? 🤷‍♂️ ).

Pheromones don't control each dog, it's just one affecting aspect of many. And surely enough humans don't emit pheromones of a female dog, neither do other animals, which still can result in mammals trying to mate with them.

I don't know how you come to the idea that pheromones will remote control robot dogs. It's not how that stuff works. Without a specific amount of arousing of the dog himself, even a female dog in heat can walk a meter in front of them and they don't even react. Some don't react at all, as they are not highly influenced by that affecting aspect. It differs, each dog is an individual living being.

*One example: They smell stereoscopic and analyze it individual per nose side - one of the reasons their nose holes are opened to the sides. They understand and analyze out of which direction a smell comes from and can even differ medical influences in the sweat of humans / other animals, it's a very complex processing necessity to get this to work.


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I have discovered that dogs are very complex creatures and have thier own likes and dislikes and all that. I know my German Shepard has a distinct personality and his sexual drive probably is based on a bunch of stuff I don’t necessarily understand but I do know he is a companion to me and we have a connection. He does not try to ‘hump’ anyone that walks by.

He has learned my scent and my different scents. I am not sure if it is all scent related, but he is very connected to my moods and what I am up for. Scent is probably just a small part of it

I know part of what makes him the way he is is instinctual, and part of it is environmental- which is how we are together, but I also think a component is his natural personality. Mix all that together and he becomes my mate!!!