Bestiality actresses who actually like it

Yes godiva is amazing. She only did a few videos, right? But God she's a beauty and the way she does what she does is incredibly sexy
I especially like her leotard vid. Shame she didn't do a lot of vids in general

Simone still loves taking the knot and has never stopped in her private life

I'm new to seeing a lot of these videos but there is someone named Cupcake(something) that seems to really love it.
yeah Cupcake took it like a champ. You can see her struggle with the knots but moans with joy every time she gets one

I've seen Yasmin with dogs and boars & she always seems to be enjoying the breeding. Wonder if she would play with equines?🤔
Agreed. Yasmin is the GOAT imho. Shame her newer vids are not available
I was just thinking the same thing. I can imagine the women in the Brazilian stuff that came out 1990-2004 weren't really into it. Just there for a paycheck. At least that's what it seems to me, given how they weren't really into it, just moaning and looking bored.
Back in the day had the opportunity to chat with a couple of them and confirm that… lots of shady businesses, blackmail etc… kinda put me off porn in general tbh 😅
However thanks for this thread, gives me hopes and fantasies back 🤗❤️
For me, Cannibal Cupcake was always the winner.. and Shawnie (not sure if that was her real name or not) she had Snoopy the staffs and another bugger fluffy dog..
Both actresses were amazing in the enthusiasm and sheer love of what they did
I can add that although there are not many bestiality films with her, Nana liked it very much
and she even planned to try it with a boar
Unfortunately, she has been silent for over a year and a half, which is a pity because she is beautiful and you can see that she enjoys it
Godiva, Simone
Two of my favorite actresses 😍

Simone and her boy were pretty much the first videos i managed to find and i can still watch her with him all day now!

Summer from the early AoZ films always seemed to be having a good time. She had an amazing body and took her boys like a champ in pretty much every video.

Simone still loves taking the knot and has never stopped in her private life
Thats awesome to know, hers were the first full length videos i ever found. Gorgeous woman and seemed to enjoy every second of it!