Beast Chat OS upgrade


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Beast Chat will be undergoing an OS upgrade including software upgrades related to the chat Saturday around 8-10AM EST Downtime is expected for at least 2 hours.
Edit: Time changed.
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chat loads
but it is stuck at last night, showing connection with the server is lost
guessing restoring took many more hrs then 1or 2


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Taking a look still. Seems the chat was fine till I had to restore the database. Now its refusing to start. Sorry, I also give the smallest amount of downtime ETA. I keep under estimating


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Here I was wondering why I got trapped on initial sync when I cleared my cache because DMs weren't sending 🤦‍♂️ Thank you for the maintenance, people can survive a day or two without their chatrooms.


I don't know where else to ask, but is the chat down for anyone else at the moment? It seemed to have gone offline around 4 am for me