At what age did you first get turned on by animals?

Fuck yeah. I was 12 and I was fucking this Great Dane next thing I know the big fella jumped up while I was fucking her minted me and slipped his cock deep in my asse. I was straight until that day but I would fuck both female and male dogs but I tended to enjoy being thrashed by massive Dane cock. Never been knotted but unfortunately as I’ve never gone that far on my own. Need some help haha
Id Be glad to help you with that 😉


Probably 11-12 ish. We got a pony mare, and I'd touch her behind and gawk as much as I could. Unfortunately, was too young to really have the concept of what else to do. Just have been hooked on animals ever since.


I was 14, I watched my dogs having sex and was so horny I masterbated as they were tied. I then tried mounting my female but had no idea at the time about the angle and could never get more then the head in, although at the time that was more then enough and had hundreds of orgasms. I later let my male mount me, I have never cum so hard since. All before I was 17!


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I’ve wanted a connection with animals for as long as I can remember, even before I had any sexual thoughts. All of my imaginary friends were animals when I was younger. So as soon as I hit puberty and started actually getting turned on by things, it was animals.


I was like 11, I saw some horse asshole online, and boy did I like the sight of it! Later I wanted more, and i scrounged around for zoophilia for a couple of years until stumbling across this site, where now I can find basically whatever I want!
16. We were reading Slaughterhouse Five for English class. There's multiple references in the book to a pornographic picture containing a woman and a horse.

Naturally my horny teenage ass had to do some "research" online... it wasn't until many years later I got any sort of irl experience in it.


I think the first time when a animal puts me horny was at 14 years, it was my dog and my first experience was with a mare uwu


14 here, started when I was babysitting my cousins and the eldest girl started joking about this one time she woke up to their golden retriever pulling her off the bed and humping her. We all laughed at the silliness of it but it got me curious what would’ve happened if she had slept naked like I did at the time so when I got home I googled “dogs humping naked girls” and I’ve been a fan ever since 😅


I was 12-13 when I let the family dog lick me, but he didn't seem too keen on that so I stopped after the second time. Then it was at 16-17 when I got a random fb request that had one video on their page with a really excited dog enjoying a very wet girl. It's a popular video of a gray dog with white walls on a bed. After that, I tried looking up horse/girl, and then fast forward now, to when I've met my spouse who I told all of this to after she told me that she wants her companions to be intimate.


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I was 12, I believe. Saw my next door neighbor's rat terrier's red rocket poking out and remember thinking, "So that's what a dog's dick looks like!?" The rest is history.