Anyone else find moms into zoo very very hot

Oh yes, the idea of an older woman guiding me into her dog or mare and coaxing me to 'cum in her for mommy' miiiight just be a long-time fantasy. :love:
I've been pregnant 11 times since I was 15, had three abortions and one miscarriage, given birth to six babies and am 34 weeks pregnant with my seventh, but I have a messed up head and can barely take care of myself so I'm not mother material. I am disgustingly fertile though and there are many loving couples out there who are desperate for children and can't have them, and I'm not good at much but it seems I am really good at making babies, and it feels good being able to offer something other than just tits and holes all the time. So while I don't qualify as a "zoo mom" I mostly stay pregnant these days and do have saggy boobs, spreading hips and stretch marks, a jiggly mom body with scratches and bruises across my ample bottom, along the significant width of my hips and down my sides from servicing multiple four-legged lovers almost every day.
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