Any female's interested in getting double penetrated by me and my dog? ? ?


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Lmao. When you gonna tell them your profile picture isn't even you? Before, or after you try to bait them?


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Hi hey .
Looking for human female's interested in getting double penetrated by me and my dog .

Any what belonging to a human female?

First, learn to use the language properly. Sticking an apostrophe and an "s" on the end of a word *NEVER* makes a plural. I suspect you intended to ask if any females are interested.

Second, I don't expect you're going to last long around here, or get ANY of the sort of results you're looking for - the vast majority of women around here tend to rank guys like you as being just barely more acceptable as a potential fuck-buddy than a puddle of dog puke, and most of the males look at your type as something that needs to be scraped off the bottom of their shoe.

Third, did I mention that your introduction has about as much class as walking into a wedding reception, pissing on the cake, and taking a shit in the punch bowl?

You're off to a shit-lousy start, dude. I'd say your best bet would be to abandon this account, make up a new one, and try again. You've basically tattooed "Yes, I really am a total asshole" on your forehead for all and sundry to see at a glance.


Hey UR20Z.
I really like your honesty.
I don't think you're a asshole at all.
So yeah I'm cool with all that shit you just said.