1. M

    Do you think beatiality is kinda... common?

    Since I read that Bjork does likes bestiality and started to attend this forum, I see lots of things beatiality related all around. For example, I discovered that it is legal in japan, for example. What I mean is; is our hobby way more commonground than we percieve? Girls fucking dogs is it...
  2. K

    Year when the lifestyle becomes fully accepted

    In what decade do you think the lifestyle would become fully accepted? Personally, the 2050's. I'm more curious as to what needs to happen for it to be accepted. Like I think the first step would be mainstream movies/tv shows that shed light in a positive way will be screened like Beauty and The...
  3. D

    Zoophilia and reality

    After talking to my counselor about the pandemic and out society is shape like we are in the matrix etc, he said that our society sometimes doesn't see the reality of the current and real world. I thought about it and it made me think about Zoophilia. Like.... zoophilia is there. It exist but...
  4. B

    Zoophobes are the real cancer of society. (RANT)

    (I know that zoophobe means scared of animals, but I couldn't find the right word. Also sorry if this is not the proper subforum to post this. Serious topics ahead!) If our society wanted to, they could end world hunger. They could expose pedophile rings (which, mind you, actually harm human...