female dog guide

  1. nomc1996

    Stupid Question Incoming!

    So I have a potentially stupid question; what are some good videos for learning how to be intimate with a female dog? I only ask because I’m more of a visual learner. I’m pretty well versed on male, but I read the guides and past experiences of men with females, and I just can’t wrap my mind...
  2. C

    My female dog will not let me fuck her. Help!!

    So I have this female dog who I got from these people who were moving out of state and anyways she will not let me fuck her even when she’s in heat she just doesn’t want it and she’s also a virgin so any tips on how to get her to let me. Would be greatly appreciated. Also she won’t even let me...
  3. dogluver101

    A complete guide to bitch sex

    Credits to the Author. This is a guide, and only a guide into intercourse with female canines. This is an overlaying outline of the norm, on an individual basis conditions and situations may differ. All the advice given is from personal experience and advanced education, not second hand...