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  1. Miss_Rachel

    Dog wanting sex around other people

    My sub had already taught her two boys that when she is wearing clothes, she is off-limits and when she is naked, she is available. Similarly, although it might sound a little cruel, she did not allow them free access to the main part of the house. They have their own room and free access to...
  2. Miss_Rachel

    Will this be possible? Getting gangbanged by dogs.

    Sweetie, of course it's possible! We have three boys and my sub enjoys them all!
  3. Miss_Rachel

    Question for the girls, the knot and clitoris

    I am with @m1977, I am a woman. One of the biggest problems with many of the men on this site is their inability to climb out of the 50s and 60s and accept that misogyny is not the answer any more. I have cum without any of my erogenous zones being touched at all. I have also cum without any...
  4. Miss_Rachel

    Change one letter ONLY,

  5. Miss_Rachel

    How many of us are there?

    Do you know? I had never noticed it before. Thank you @pes!
  6. Miss_Rachel

    How many of us are there?

    If it helps there are 14 393 on forumZOOne, a German site. I believe Zooville is much larger. But imagine just how many zoos there are unaccounted for, those who are not members. I believe the number of us out in the world is much greater than any records actually show.
  7. Miss_Rachel

    Semen’s Taste

    About 1 or 2 degrees warmer than human. Coppery, slightly salty/sweet. Nicer than human's anyway!
  8. Miss_Rachel

    Hot to put on darkmode

    At the bottom of the Zooville pane, near the copyright details, left hand side of the screen.
  9. Miss_Rachel


    I live with neighbours, they are not far away. Why the SHOUTING, sweetie? You ought to try to be more calm. xx
  10. Miss_Rachel


    I hide it from the neighbours. I hide it from friends. I think there are one or two little tick boxes needed in your selection, sweetie.
  11. Miss_Rachel

    Has anyone ever tried to froth animal semen?

    It would probably just coagulate.
  12. Miss_Rachel

    Has anyone ever tried to froth animal semen?

    Human ingenuity and the ability to plumb new depths never ceases to amaze me. Why would anyone even consider doing this? Cold cum? Almost as bad as cold pee. Disgusting as @pes and the rest say.
  13. Miss_Rachel

    Who Is your favourite beastiality actress ??

    I have recently come across a girl in the US called Honey. She's an amateur and rather sweet. I have no idea whether or not she is new, I am not a huge fan of porn, but she is rather lovely.
  14. Miss_Rachel

    Question about frottage with dog.

    Ahh, frottage! What a quaint word! It is so good to see it being dusted off and used! @Dogstudlover, I applaud you. xx
  15. Miss_Rachel

    where can I find this stuffed dog?

    I think what you posted was hand-made, honey. It certainly looks it. Do you know someone "handy" who could make one? Adding a decent sized doggy dildo wouldn't be so much of a stretch once it was made.
  16. Miss_Rachel

    Who on here has actually been with a animal

    Several dogs over the years and one pony. What a strange question on a supposedly "zoo" site.
  17. Miss_Rachel

    Weird Fantasies (General)

    I would love to hear a story, honey! xx
  18. Miss_Rachel

    Your Fetish?

    Fetishes? I'm not sure I have any. I am a Domme, I like giving pain and humiliating. I don't know if anything I engage in could be described as fetishism though. I like most sexual activities, if truth be known. I'm not a huge fan of sex with men though, at the moment.
  19. Miss_Rachel

    Who was the first person you told in your life you were into zoo?

    My partner and one other person. They, too, are zoo. I knew my partner was zoo, so it was no major issue.
  20. Miss_Rachel

    Weird Fantasies (General)

    To fuck, my sub has a thing for Lilith...
  21. Miss_Rachel

    Weird Fantasies (General)

    To finally meet Lilith. To watch my sub humiliated by two men. To drink dog pee. To have a pony cum inside me. To have the strength to play with female dolphins. They're not so much weird or unattainable, apart from Lilith.
  22. Miss_Rachel

    Could you just Watch?

    I often do watch. I am very lucky, I suppose. It is nice to have a personal, private show every so often, I think.
  23. Miss_Rachel

    Dog sperm

    Dog cum: thinner; much, much more of it than a guy; I prefer the taste of it too although it is slightly "coppery" in flavour (don't ask!). I find it does vary a bit, we have three and they are distinguishably different in flavour, sort of saltier than a guys.
  24. Miss_Rachel

    Would you have sex with the Avatar Icon above you?

    If sex is to include a good spanking for him, the answer is "Yes"!
  25. Miss_Rachel

    Online Security

    We use Avast and their VPN for almost everything we do on-line. My girl takes our security a lot more seriously than she used to. Avast seems to be very good. We never use cell-phones for surfing, in fact I prefer them to be switched off when we are at home, if anyone needs to call we have a...
  26. Miss_Rachel


    I think @Cuzican that question may be a bit like "What kind of man has the nicest smile", or "Does cock size relate to shoe size"! We have two Border Collies and their tongues are slightly different, mainly in length. Their cocks are slightly different too. Our Lab has a softer tongue than...
  27. Miss_Rachel

    What do you wear in bed?

    A faint sheen of perspiration, sometimes, and a few kisses.