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    Change one letter ONLY,

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    Articles of Research Section Suggestion

    Also one last thing, could you change this to have the prefix Zoo Books?
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    DM system suggestion

    That would be nice, tho if it's just message I don't expect to see again. I just leave the conversation, but when you do that you can select to receive any new messages if they are sent. But then you don't see them until you get your next message.
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    Are there any rules regarding what things you can put into your signature?
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    Articles of Research Section Suggestion

    I just wanted to let you know that I don't see it in that section at all
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    Articles of Research Section Suggestion

    I think it would be awesome if the admins could add a "Book" prefix to the list of available ones. Cause otherwise there isn't a good way to categorize books, unless you just put it under "Zoo Research and Data".
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    Zoo Research and Data Neutering NOT Org

    Introduction From the Article I have been told that I seem angry when I discuss the topic of neutering. It's true: I am angry... and frustrated with people who think because I believe sexually mutilating my friends is unethical that I'm being irresponsible and that people that believe as I do...
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    Zoo Research and Data Long-Term Health Risks and Benefits Associated with Spay / Neuter in Dogs

    At some point, most of us with an interest in dogs will have to consider whether or not to spay / neuter our pet. Tradition holds that the benefits of doing so at an early age outweigh the risks. Often, tradition holds sway in the decision-making process even after countervailing evidence has...
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    Zoo Documentary Uniquely Dangerous: A True Story by Carreen Maloney

    ABOUT THIS BOOK: A Work of Investigative Journalism On April 14, 2010, the federal government raided Douglas Spink’s home. At the time, he was living 20 miles from my home in northern Washington State. Mr. Spink’s animals were seized and taken to Whatcom Humane Society, the local agency tasked...
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    Best lube?

    I'll try that stuff next time
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    Questions About the Stories and Writing Section

    Yeah that's fair. I have some content that is technically supposed to be paid content, but I got it for free. So I don't think I'll be posting any of that.