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  1. imSoSorry

    Canine sexuality

    TL;DR: Your dog does not have a sexuality. He is not sexually attracted to you or other dogs even. All this because he doesn't have the brain capacity for it. His brain is not developed enough for that. And he's just sexually attracted to female dogs, just because his body (his DNA) makes him...
  2. imSoSorry

    What name should I put on my horny puppy?

    He is such a cutie, always wanting to try hump my arm, haha... But at the same time, he always stand by my side like his is "protecting your female", haha... But I really don't know what name should I put on my new partner... Can anyone help me out? Pretty Please?
  3. imSoSorry

    My less than 1 year old dog is starting to hump my arm!

    Any tips? Any articles/posts related or similar/worth reading?
  4. imSoSorry

    Why that spot behind the dog's ears make him sexually aroused?

    Every time I pet a dog's head, I start rubbing the back of his ears, and then he starts to get sexually aroused... Is there something related? Or is it just an coincidence? It's works on every dog I do this!
  5. imSoSorry

    Have you ever dreamed about having with twins dogs?

    Brother 1 - "Stay away from my human! Grrrrr..." Brother 2 - "B-But it's my time to have fun with him!"
  6. imSoSorry

    Are your dog bisexual? (Even if it's not, still, answer!)

    Your dog, even having sex with you, does he still prefer the company of someone of his kind? And the worst, the opposite sex? And finally, are you jealous? Example: I am a male human who has a relationship with a male dog, but he is still more interested in dogs than me. And the worst! He is...
  7. imSoSorry

    Best articles about dog-human relationship?

    I really want to build a very strong bond with my doggo, do you guys recommends any article about "how to build an romantic bond with a dog?"
  8. imSoSorry

    So... I guess it's a goodbye?

    So... I'm planning to commit suicide by jumping off a bridge... I was thinking about seeing the comments on this post before that... I never had friends... Ever... All because of my sexuality... My grandparents fighting continuously doesn't help at all...
  9. imSoSorry


    I told my mom I wanted a dog, so she told to a friend and today she came with a box with 3 dogs! I get a male, my mom a female, and the woman a male... What should I call him???????? My moms dog.
  10. imSoSorry

    Can anal sex hurt your dog's penis?

    As the shaft is very sensitive, a very tight anus (virgin, maybe?) wouldn't it hurt the poor dog?
  11. imSoSorry

    How to maximize the pleasure of your dog when it comes to masturbation?

    Hello! Sorry to bother you all again with this but... In this article I received some tips on how to have oral sex on my dog, however, can someone give me some tips for masturbation in general? The little I know is that: 1. The shaft is super sensitive, do not touch it with bare hands. 2...
  12. imSoSorry

    How to show (discreetly?) your pride in being a zoophile?

    What are your ideas to publicly show your pride in being a zoophile?
  13. imSoSorry

    Can oral sex hurt your dog's penis?

    Do you think the human tongue is harsh enough to hurt a dog's penis? I always wanted to try this but I never had the courage because I thought they didn't like it so much. The extremely red appearance of the canine penis makes me think that it is quite sensitive. Is that makes sense? I don't...
  14. imSoSorry

    Anyone already haved a "rapist dog"?

    Anyone already haved a dog that went into rapist mode? Sorry about this question, it's just something very exciting to think about... I can delete this thread any moment if anyone feel uncomfortable...
  15. imSoSorry

    A dump of "How-to" files from a deleted zoophilia website

    Sometime on the internet there was a pretty simple website that had some articles on how to have sex with dogs, dolphins, pigs and horses. Somehow, I had saved some articles in text files. Enjoy! Summary - Zoophilia for Beginners - Guide to Zoophilia - How to Zoo - A Guide To Canine Sex -...
  16. imSoSorry

    How do you know which breed is best for you?

    I want to have a doggo UwU But I don't know which one to choose ;-; I know that there are several articles on the internet about this but I think that probably none of them will include the sexual/loving partner factor. I can't stay with a dog for so long and say, "I don't think this dog is...
  17. imSoSorry

    What is the possibility of everything being erased again?

    What is the possibility of everything being erased again? I mean, as much as that time was not intentionally directed, what are the chances of Zooville being attacked and everything being erased again?