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    How old were you when you first mated with an animal?

    Did she enjoy the sex too?
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    How old were you when you first mated with an animal?

    Mind saying how it happened?
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    What’s your dream animal/breed to be fucked by?

    I’ll take gentle and loving, please. Maybe a sweet Lab girl with soft fur who really enjoys fucking with humans. Or Floofy’s newfie. :) Or a nice gentle filly who enjoys sex with humans. Or a llama or an alpaca. For wild animals, a doe or a dolphin.
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    Where is the weirdest place you have ever fucked?

    Weirdest: Third-floor women's’ room in a campus police station. Second weirdest: In the middle of a gravel road.
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    Anyone had a positive experience confessing bestiality to their partner?

    If your bf knows about it and approves, then it’s an open relationship, not cheating :)
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    anyone else dog watch?

    I’ve gotten into it lately. Looking at a cute bitch on the street and kind of thinking, “I wonder…” Also deer. They look so sweet and beautiful.
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    Steps in becoming a dog-lover [F/M]

    At 2. No opportunity yet to get to 3.
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    Belgian Woman Banned from Zoo After 4-Year 'Affair' with Chimpanzee

    Hmmm. The zoo banned her because it was making it difficult for Chita to socialize with other chimpanzees. Maybe he didn’t want to?
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    Family members into the lifestyle

    But at least Lincszoo and his sis can share their experiences now :)
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    Just saying hello! 19F New

    Hi, Bubblegum! Nice to see you here. What’s your interest?
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    How does your dog show they're wanting sex?

    Does anyone have any videos they can share of their dog showing you, in their own way, that they want sex? With or without the actual sex, either way.
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    Moments of guilt? Ups and downs?

    No need to feel gross. You weren’t forcing her or mistreating her. You were just showing her that what she wanted was okay with you. It was up to her whether she went there or not.
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    When did your Zoo life started and how ?

    Oddly enough, I get this. Or I imagine I do. But I’m curious. 😀
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    How does your dog show they're wanting sex?

    That’s so sweet, FortuneCookie. You and your girl are truly lovers. I’m a bit envious. :)
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    How does your dog show they're wanting sex?

    She wants sex every day, even when she’s not in heat? She must really like it!
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    Incomplete but a good start. :)
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    What kind of person are you if are interested in beastiality?

    Someone who can imagine themselves having sex with nonhuman lovers.
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    Sexiest Dog Breeds!

    Salukis are gorgeous, but are they big enough for vag?
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    Sexiest Dog Breeds!

    So sweet looking. I wouldn’t mind dating her at all. :)
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    Weird animal you would like to try stuff with

    A friend of mine wants to try… I wish her good luck…
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    How does your dog show they're wanting sex?

    I guess she wasn’t that interested in the film. :)
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    How does your dog show they're wanting sex?

    That’s sweet, Floofie. I wish I had a girl like her.
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    Howdy y'all! (Soon to be)24 Male

    Welcome from another newb!
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    Senior members?

    Mid sixties here. You can learn new things at any age. :)
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    When I had a cat, it was pretty clear that she wanted me to fuck her. She was super-interested whenever I had sex, and was always putting her, uh, pussy in my face. Of course, there was no way. But I should have at least tried to pleasure her with my finger or something.
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    Doe how-to, anyone?

    Just wondering if anyone here had succeeded in fucking a doe, and if so, how you did it. I’ve seen a few hints here and there but nothing I really believe.
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    What animal would you like to fuck you today?

    On my afternoon walk yesterday, I saw three or four does, and wouldn’t have minded fucking any of them. Such graceful, beautiful creatures. I stayed a while and tried to “talk” to them, but eventually they loped off into a swamp. But I’ve never seen anyone who said they’d managed it who also...
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    Share your best and Favorite jokes.

    Stealing this for the bestiality jokes thread!
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    bestiality jokes

    Stolen from another thread (sorry, MareButtUdderLovr):
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    When did your Zoo life started and how ?

    That’s sweet, Wolfie.