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    I found some bestiality accounts on Twitter. I was surprised to see so many, and there were many videos posted too. A lot of them I had already seen here or on a beast porn site like zootube1, but there were like 3 that were new to me. There was even an account called "Knot Interested", which I...
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    Put your hand up if your a GILF ("grandmother I'd like to fuck")

    Thread title. I love older women who can still go.
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    Are older women feeling more confident going after younger guys now?

    Thread title says most of what I am asking. I thought of it earlier today It seems older women these days are tending to go after younger men (especially when they leave an unhappy relationship with someone their own age/older). The rise of terms like MILF and cougar come to mind. I was just...
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    Have you ever thought... (horses version)

    Ok so I know before site change and even now their is a post asking about whether people ever think if a chick is into having dog sex when they see her out in public with a dog. Well I am wondering if am I anybody thinks the same thing but replace dogs with ponies/donkeys/horses?
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    Comment if you are a single dad

    Not one myself but since I saw there was a single moms thread I thought there may as well be one for single dads
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    Hello finally

    Hi, feel free to call me whatever you want, I was on the old site (not beastforums lol) only as a lurker When I discovered it I had like a 2 day binge of downloading and watching the vidoes + reading all the hot comments. So I want to thank you for that experience. And now that there is a new...